Welcome from Mr. Stanley

Welcome to the Rowan Class blog. I hope that you will log in regularly and see some of the learning that has been taking place in our classroom. We hope to show you some fantastic work, photos and multimedia; we already have a few things up our sleeves.

3 Responses to Welcome from Mr. Stanley

  1. Liz Greening says:

    I really enjoyed coming to the French Fashion Show. You all did very well with your French. I am also enjoying reading your myths as they appear. Keep them coming!

  2. Keay Dobson says:

    What a wonderful way to connect with the world! I am a former high school teacher from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, although my dad was from lovely England – Hayling Island, to be exact, just off of Portsmouth. Our city is currently experiencing dreadful flooding from the Assiniboine River, so I may not be able to check back here too often as I could be out tossing sandbags! Oh, and I am wondering where in the world are you? I was sent to this site by my good friend, Sally Brodrick. Hope you get lots of visitors! Kd

  3. Jo price says:

    WOW i love the descriptions used in the Secret garden passages well done Sam and Sophie!

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