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Streatley Work from Year 5

While Year 6 have been at Calshot on their activity week, Year 5 have been busy writing up all their notes from their Streatley residential. Some of the work they have produced includes poetry about the Rollright Stones and the … Continue reading

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Even more formal letters – Emily, Yasmin & Luke

 Liss Junior School Hillbrow Road Liss GU33 7RQ Tuesday 31st March   Dear Mr Burford, I am writing to inform you that school uniform should stay unless you want a school of fashion obsessed pupils, which I am sure you … Continue reading

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The School Grounds We’d Like Day Diaries

For homework this week the children were asked to write diary entries for The School Grounds We’d Like Day. The children’s work has started to come in and here are some of the diary entries Max B   Yasmin   … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Maiden Castle

This week in History, Class AS have been attempting to solve the mystery of Maiden Castle. The archaeologist, Sir Mortimer Wheeler discovered 52 bodies in graves within the castle. The children were given six pieces of evidence and four theories … Continue reading

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