Winter Poem Videos

As a Christmas treat Class AS decided to produce filmed versions of children in the class performing their winter poems against a backdrop that they chose themselves. We used our new greenscreen software that Mr Stanley has been learning how to master. He taught Katie, who is now a greenscreen expert herself.

More poems to come tomorrow, but please enjoythe following:

Will C








Abi P




Abi E

Winter Poems: Will C & Lily

In Class AS wehave been looking at poetry this week. We looked at personification, similes and rhyme, and tried  to create our own poems about winter with these aspects. Here’s Will C’s and Lily’s

Winter time


Winter gives the trees frost bite

It makes the hedgehogs curl up in their spikes   

All the colour drains away

And the snowy winter is here to stay


All the trees very bare

Children dreaming without a care

As night passes by

All the foxes are sleeping, no lies


The animals hide from the snow

By sleeping underground head to toe

Above the ground there’s no clatter

Only robins starting to chatter     


Winter time.

Snow falls down, very thick,

Covering the ground with a white blanket.

Trees huddled together

Protecting themselves from the freezing cold weather.


Snow flakes chase each other

Landing on a white snowy cover.

Children on sledges, calling as they go,

Running like the wind down a hill of snow.


Walk down the icy street, where no cars drove,

Leave the fire sizzling though.

Hearing a small robin sing,

But with no audience listening.

Ancient Olympics Non – Chronological Reports – Will C

During the past week we have been looking carefully at the Ancient Olympics and writing our own non – chronological reports. The children have used headings and subheadings, organised their work into sections, used an impersonal style and writen in the past tense. Here’s Will C’s.

The Ancient Olympics
The Olympic games were first invented by the Ancient Greeks and now over 2,000 Years later still remain the most popular sporting event in the world. The Athletics were very popular because it helped them stay healthy for battle. The Olympics give plenty of opportunity to show off Athleticism. They started in Olympia in memory of Greek hero Pelop. The first Olympics started in 776 B.C. for men only.

The events were normally held in different arenas The Satum for running and the Palastria for Jumping, Boxing and wrestling. The events include running, boxing, wrestling, the pentathlon, chariot races and horse races.


The first Olympics were first held in Olympia. they were held every 4 years and this has historical evidence to back it up.

Women’s games

Women weren’t allowed to compete in the Olympics. Married women also weren’t allowed near Olympia, so a new event called Heraia was made in honour of Zeus’s wife Hera for women.

The winners

The winners would get a crown of celery in one event; other wise it was an olive wreath made of palm branches and ribbons. The prizes were given on the fifth day of the Olympics.

For more information go to

Theseus & the Minotaur – The Dance

This term in dance we have been looking at Theseus and the Minotaur. Each week we have created, practised and evaluated a different part of the dance, then today we put it all together and performed it as a whole.

There are six scenes to the dance:
1) King Aegeus choosing the victims for the Minotaur
2) The journey across the sea to Crete
3) Entering the labyrinth
4) Fighting the Minotaur
5) Exiting the labyrinth and leaving Ariadne on Naxos
6) Returning home and the suicide of Aegeus.

The children worked in four groups:
1) Alex M, Oliver, Alex C, Jack, Josh NB, Elias and Cameron
2) Elyse, Katie, Lily, Kirsten, Charlotte, Susie, Abi E and Abi P
3) Will R, Will C, Will W, James, Ben, Harry, Korban and Jake
4) John, Emma, Madeleine, Lucy, Eve, Josh F, Georgina and Emily

All files can be played with Quicktime

Theseus & the Minotaur Group 1
Theseus & the Minotaur Group 2
Theseus & The Minotaur Group 3
Theseus & the Minotaur Group 4

Theseus and the Minotaur newspaper articles

Journalistic writing is one of the most difficult things that children have to learn, so we have spent a lot of time this week studying newspaper reports and writing our own. We use the story of Theseus and the Minotaur as a stimulus as the class is now very familiar with the myth. The children had to pick part of the story and give it the newspaper treatment, quite often with bias. Articles are now available to download below with more to follow.

Dumped – Katie

Minotaur killed – Will C

Abandoned – Lily

I can fly – Oliver

Death of our beloved king – James

Trouble with a princess – Eve

Cruel Killing – Madeline

Jilted – Lucy

The terrified man – Josh F

Minotaur dead – Josh NB

Aegeus is dead – Harry


Quick escape – Abi E

Abandoned – Abi P

Escape – Georgina

Cretans are cretins – John

Hysterical – Elyse

Selfish Theseus – Will R

Escape – Emma

Desert Disaster character descriptions: Will C

Fernando the football fan


Fernando is as casual as a cat, he always goes to the park to play football .He also is 23 and has just finished university. His job is an architect and he gets paid £10,000 a month. He spends the money on watching football and what’s spare goes to charity. At 23 he has a good future ahead of him. He plays football for Barca Athletico and is their star player.

You will usually find him in his 2 sizes too big Barcelona shirt, blue jeans and addidas trainers. Fernando has short brown hair and deep blue eyes. If you were to ask Fernando if he liked his job he would answer,

“Of course I do and I’m lucky to have one”

An integral team player, he always relied on other people to do things for him and trusted them to help him survive the crash. Petrified, when the plane crashed he had a panic attack.