Wenlock & Mandeville return

Wenlock & Mandeville have made a return visit to Class AS this week to see what the children have been getting up to in their after school clubs. On Monday they dropped in on Ben’s football training while on Wednesday the mascots had a very busy day by attending Abi E and Lily’s football training before moving on to Lily’s gymnastics.

Check in later in the week to see what else they’ve been up to.


Wenlock’s busy weekend

Wenlock  has had an extremely active weekend. While Mandeville was off with the school cross – country team, Wenlock has been to tennis with John and Susie at Newman Collard (he had a taster session) and then on to cricket coaching with John at Liss Cricket Club (near the Spread Eagle). Surely Mandeville can’t fit more into his weekend than this?

Wenlock & Mandeville do gymnastics

On Monday night Wenlock and Mandeville went to Laura’s gymnastics class. Both of them were struggling to walk on Tuesday after trying to do the splits unlike Laura who can manage it with ease. Laura has written the following contribution:


My Sport Is:
– Artistic Gymnastics

The Olympic Values It Has Are:
– Courage
– Excellence
– Determination
– Friendship 

Gymnastics is a very fun sport. You have to do lots of moves. In Artistic Gymnastics it is mainly about balance and flexibility. You need courage and determination because some moves are quite scary, like flicks. You also need excellence because in a competition you need to be excellent. You also need friendship because in a two person move you need to trust them and you trust friends.