Secret Garden Passages – Olivia

There was a loud thump on Colin’s door.

“Come in,” he said weakly.

“I wanted to say sorry, imbecile!” Mary said in a hoarse whisper.

“What did you call me?” he shouted fiercely.

“An imbecile!” she sneered

“La la la, I can`t hear you,” Colin said with his fingers in his ears.   Suddenly there was a knock.

“I’ll get it, “Emily said loudly.

“Hello Bobby” she said nicely.

“Chimney needs doing,” Bobby Brown said cheerfully.

“Yes please” Emily said in a polite way. Bobby Brown went and did the chimney.

Secret Garden Passages – Sam P

Colin lay still and fell into a fitful half sleep. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door and Colin woke up with a start,

“Come In,” he said weakly. The door opened with a jerk and Mary wandered in pathetically with Judith the maid following behind.

“Hello again,” she said.

“I thought I told you to get out!” he bellowed furiously.

“Judith told me to come and say sorry for using gum language.”  As soon as Mary said that Lenordo’s carriage rolled into the driveway. Lenordo hopped out of the carriage and into the home but they didn’t hear him. But a figure stormed up the stairs and smacked the door down!

“Who stole my tiger skin coat!?” said Lenordo, his eyes in fire.

“It was Colin,” Mary stuttered staring into Lenordo’s flaming eyes. “He wanted it because he was cold,”

“You wait here boy!” said Lenordo in a low growling voices. “I’m going to get my cane!”

“Please no, oh please please no. I don’t want to be slated,” begged Colin.

“Well too bad boy!” said Lenordo with a wicked smile on his face!

Secret Garden Passages – Sophie

There was a loud and hard knock one the door. Colin woke up and said in a yawn.

“Come in.” The door creaked open and Mary came in.                                                          “I thought I told you to stay out and go away!” Colin screamed.                                              “I came in because I was going to apologise actually,” replied Mary crossly.

Colin’s face turned immediately tomato red. Then they started fighting again. Suddenly Mum came in. She had dark long curly hair and she was very tal,l her fingernails were as sharp as a knife. She said,

“What is all this arguing about?” Colin and Mary froze and replied,

“We were just talking.”


“Yes really,” mumbled Mary and Colin.                                                                                     “You know if I catch you fighting then I will go and tell both your fathers and you know what he will do to you,” Mum said in a cross voice. Mum went out of the door and Mary said to Colin,

“I’m sorry Colin.

“If we keep on fighting then I and you will both get beaten. I’m sorry too Mary”. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door and Elizabeth the maid came in and dropped Colin’s new clothes on the floor.

“Oh sorry”

“It is ok” replied Colin. “Who is that?”                                                                                      “It is my maid Elizabeth “replied Colin. Elizabeth went out and then Mary said,

“I did not know you had a maid.”

“Well you saw, I have one”.

“You don’t need a maid you can do things yourself” shouted Mary furiously.

“I do need a maid,” shouted Colin back while Mary was staring right into Colin’s dark red glittering eyes.

“You are an idiotic imbecile and all you care about is yourself, no one else.”

Secret Garden Passages – Archie C

Mary strode out of the room But Emily stopped her.

“Where do you think you’re going” Emily tutted angrily. “Don’t you think I didn’t hear any of that?”

“He is so imbecilic though,” Mary sighed furiously.

“I know you find him annoying but if I tell your father you will be slated,” Emily mentioned sadly.

“Ok I will apologise,” Mary moaned.

Mary walked into the room with an unhappy temper.

“I’m sorry,” Mary apologised sadly.

“I’m sorry too. That you’re my sister.”

Mary stomped out of the room ferociously,

“I hate you,” Mary shouted back ravenously.

Unfortunately there was a new maid, Elizabeth, she was very strict.

“Stop right there young lady,” Elizabeth shouted so everyone in the house could hear.

“I get paid to keep you two calm, so you’re not going to shout!” Elizabeth thundered menacingly.

“I’m sorry,” whimpered Mary

“Well sorry’s not good enough,” yelled Elizabeth.

Mary ran past Elizabeth into the garden to find Dickon waiting for something. Mary asked what he was doing,

He explained,

“Aye be waiting for th argue to stop, aye heard all that gum.”

“Yeah sorry about that,” Mary mumbled.

“it’s ok aye know it was Colin,” Dickon mentioned.

“He’s so annoying and he treats me like a slave,” Mary moaned.

Dickon walked up to Mary.

“Don’t worry aye cheer ye up soon.”

Secret Garden Passages – Sam

Ten minutes after shouting at Mary, Colin had been getting some pitiful sleep when there was a rap at his bedroom’s old oak door.

“Come in,” he groaned gasping for air. Mary stumbled in after being pushed by Sophia, the maid of the Family,.

“What are you doing back?” Colin immediately retorted snarling, “I thought I told you to remove your filthy presence.”

“I was in the process until Sophia,” she shot her a evil glare, “Grabbed me and brought me back to apologise to you, you uncouth imbecile.”

“How dare you emit such gum language from your jaw!” he bellowed red as a beetroot, but livid as a hornet. Sophia decided to step between them before it could turn into rough and tumble.

“Children if this does not stop I will have to fetch your father!” she said sternly looking into Colin’s vivid blue eyes, then Marys dark brown both in turn. When this had no apparent effect, she turned to leave. However any adult with brainpower would have realised that it was a bluff. The children didn’t want to be slated which is what they knew would happen if Father found out.

“Sorry Mary,” Colin said reluctantly.

“I’m sorry too but you’re still an imbecile,” Mary replied cheekily. Colin was about to retort, but one look at Mary’s face and then a confirmative nod from Sophia told him she was joking.

Colin suddenly quivering like a mouse dropped back onto his back. Everyone rushed over to him looking petrified, Father however, who happened to be passing, laughed and said,

Great bluff Colin, almost fooled me.” Then he walked away leaving them all slightly bemused.


Knock, Knock, Ding Dong. A man was outside. He had been knocking on the extremely large old pine door, when he realised that there was a bell. The door creaked then there was another  knock outside Colin’s door! Sophia opened the door muttering things she might do to the person on the other side of the oak door. However she immediately stopped doing this when she saw that the man was holding an extremely vicious looking cane. It was lined with silver and had a small golden eagle on the top.

“I am Herr Fourberck,” he said his vivid blue eyes, that gave off the wrong impression of his personality, were glinting in the sunlight  as the light shone brightly on his pale face.

“Where’s Father?” Colin asked determinedly.

“Shut up or I’ll slate you,” Herr Fourberck roared viciously. The girls stood up against the wall, cowering in fear.

“Stand by that pole,” Fourberck’s deep voice and thick German accent made him appear all the more dangerous. Brandishing his cane, Herr Fourberck continued threatening all of them when Father strode through the door an anxious look etched on his face.

“Children,” Father exclaimed worriedly. “There is a dangerous man in the house!”

“Help us Father,” squealed the children.

“Release my children at once,” Father bellowed in a healthy rage worse than any he’d been in before.

Suddenly, just at the right moment, Father Domovoi, the family priest, oblivious to what was occurring inside the children’s bedrooms arrived at the door to inform their father that dinner was ready.

“GO and fetch the police!” Father told him. “And be quick about it” he added as Father Domovoi sprinted round the corner.

Catching the children’s father off guard, Herr Fourberck lashed out at father with his cane before flipping of the cap and pointing a sharp blade at his throat, but before he could get any further he was rugby tackled by a Welsh policeman.

“Imbecilic peeler,” Fourberck bellowed as he was led away.

Secret Garden Passages – Henry

There was a loud knock at Colin’s door, then Colin woke up from his long sleep.

“Come in,” said Colin

The door opened quickly and Mary came whooshing in and started shouting at Colin.

“What do think you’re doing, you’re meant to be out helping me in the garden, you imbecile!”

“Mary how dare you use such gum in my bedroom and I am poorly so I can’t help you”

“Well even if you weren’t poorly you would still not help me I KNOW YOU Colin,” replied Mary

“Now, now children. No need to have a tantrum if you keep shouting I will have to tell Mama or Papa”.

“Oh, no” said Mary “You know what Mama’s like. If she tells Mama, then Mama will tell Papa and we will be slated”.

“Sorry Mary, I did not mean to not help you,” said Colin sorrowfully

“Sorry for shouting at you”, said Mary

Then Jo the maid went downstairs because she heard a knock on the door then, came back up stairs then in came Colin’s best friend Travis.

“Hi Colin, want to come to the park?” said Travis.

“Ok,” replied Colin.

“I thought you were ill,” said Mary crossly. “So you lied to me about being ill. I hate you Colin I really do!”

“Well you were being really bossy and so I thought you wanted to do it on your own so I left you,” said Colin guiltily.