Will C’s Sand Fairy Biography


The sand fairy


The sand fairy also known as Psammead was born 7000 years ago in a small town called Sandown. He was gifted with magic powers. His magic is so powerful it is as powerful as god. When he was born he smelt so bad that his mother dropped him at birth and now he has a big scar on his head.


When he was at school he cast a spell that made all the sand fairies vaporise so he became lonely and miserable. He set himself a task to grant people wishes. For the last 5,000 years he has committed him self to help others and since then he has become on of the best known mythical creatures on the planet. Over the years people have ordered pizzas to dogs, tortoises to cheatahs and even a million pounds.

When you stroke him he is soft but gets covered in sand if you push too hard. When he digs he makes a rustling noise.

Madeleine’s Sand Fairy description


The sand fairy.

Small and wrinkled, the sand fairy was a truly strange sight. He smelt damp and a bit like the sea. Strangely, he was very sweaty and did not smell very nice. Weirdly, he smelt a bit like seeweed.


His voice was pleasing, but a little too posh. It also sounded like he had something up his nose. When he moved he sounded a little like waves on a calm day.


Suprisingly,the belly was a little bit flabby. Also, he looked like he had a moustache and he looked ever so posh. IHis nose was green with a pink tinge.


Weirdly, he felt furry,a little bit like a poncho but if you stroked too hard little bits of sand got under your nails. The skin almost felt scaly but wasn’t.

Will W’s Sand Fairy description

The sand fairy

Rummaging through the sand, the sand fairy wakes up with his bold black eyes opening. His first sight is the sandy caves he lives in. He smells horrible; it was like rotten lavender and sick. Slowly, the sand fairy moves through the sandy caves out into the open. He looks quite small wrinkly, furry and cute. The sand fairy sounds quite smooth and quiet when he walks or even moves. He feels quite fury and obviously like sand. The sand fairy can grant you wishes. He also looks quite brown with little bits of white on him. Inside the caves, the sand fairy waits for his next customer to find him.

Alex M’s sand fairy description

The sand fairy

The sand fairy was a smelly creature. Smelling like rotten eggs, he was not a creature you would want to be near.  The sand fairy felt weird.  He felt as furry as a woollen jumper.  The sand fairy looked grey with two small antennae in between his two ears.  His ears were tiny but very pointy with lots of fur.

Alex C’s Sand Fairy description

The sand fairy

The cheeky sand fairy is as smelly as a rotten egg ,  he wasn’t a person
you would want to be near to.  The sand fairy felt furry and sandy like a woolly jumper .  As bright as a emerald ,  his eyes shimmered in the sun.
The sand fairy always caught your attention .  Happily his antennae were sticking out inbetween his ears .  He sounded like a very old but wise grandpa .

Elias’ Sand Fairy description


The sand fairy


He looks as fat as an oversized elephants bum, scaly but cool. Weirdly, he sounds really posh, but at the same time really snuffly. When he moves it sounds like someone is doing snow angels in long thick grass.


When you stroke him, he’s silky with fluber and fur on top.

Rounded when you stroke his belly, you feel smooth fat. Despite all of this he smells of onions rotting for 1,563,000,000 YEARS! He is damp and smelly witch is gross.


Awesomely, he smells like a great dane sleeping and rollind in monkey dung.

He stinks!