Phoebe’s persuasive writing

Just like yesterday, a letter about the housing development. To say that Phoebe is upset would be an understatement. She isn’t taking any prisoners!

Liss Junior School

Hillbrow Road



GU33 7LQ

Thursday 31st March 2011

Dear Mr Burford,

I am writing to protest against the plans of building a housing estate on the wasteland behind our school. However, we could use it as a sports area for the following reasons I will outline below.

Surely, you would not want our school in front of a housing estate? If we used the space as a sports area, we could extend the playground, as we desperately need to, as I’m sure you will agree. In the sports area it would be a good idea to have a various ball games such as Football and Netball. Around the area you could include a running track that we most definitely need, as you and everyone knows. Isn’t it obvious we need this extra space?

Secondly, I would just like to make clear the reasons that the housing estate would be unacceptable and very unpleasant. Firstly, when the builders are working on the houses they will have to take the fence down. And when they leave for the day, someone will come and destroy our school. Next, the houses when the houses are built there might be ‘yobs’ living there, so there is more of a chance of vandalism. Only a madman will disagree!

I have lots more to complain the houses that it would take up 3 A3 pages. Can’t you see what needs to be done? I will keep on protesting until one person gives in.

I hope you have listened and act on everything my letter has discussed about because I’ll expect a letter back in at least a week. Or I may even take these developers to court.

Yours sincerely


Persuasive writing

Today Year 5 have been writing persuasive letters to Mr Burford. They were asked to think of alternative uses for the field behind the school rather than the planned housing. They were then asked to write a formal letter with persuasive writing and complex sentences, outlining to Mr Burford why the field should be used by the field and the dangers of building housing. The first letter is Harry S’.

Liss Junior School

Hill Brow Road

Liss, Hampshire

GU33 7LQ

Thursday 31st March

Dear Mr Burford

I am writing in the strongest possible terms to protest about the plans for the houses in the clearing behind the playground, which isn’t currently being used for anything.

I think you’re making a bad decision by letting the builders build the houses. The space could easily be used for: Ball games, or more running space.

Isn’t it obvious that everyone in the school would want more space to play in? Having this space could prevent accidents from happening in the playground and could also give more room for those people playing games that involve many people.

If these ‘house’ plans go ahead just think of the pollution levels! You don’t want people wheezing, coughing, sneezing or feeling ill as well ? All these things could affect you as headmaster ;do you want these plants to go ahead or don’t you?

Only a madman would agree to let the house building plans go ahead, just think what we would miss out on. Please take note of this and take action to STOP the house building plans.

Yours sincerely

Harry S