Perspective in art


The children of Class AS were lucky to be working with Mrs Horrocks in art this week. In Thursday’s lesson the children learnt how to paint a mountain scene with perspective. They have all included a path that starts as a pin-prick at the horizon, flowing down through the mountain range finishing as a close up in the foreground of the painting.  Beautiful pictures have been painted by all the children, showing different mixes of colours for the background, middle ground and foreground.


A few of these paintings can be seen below:



Celtic Drinking Vessels

In art this term the children have been working with Mrs Horrocks to create Celtic drinking vessels. The children researched Celtic designs then followed a detailed process to produce their clay vessels with the Celtic designs on. The results, as I’m sure you’ll agree are very impressive. The children also did some writing about their vessels and produced a short piece of film which can be seen below.


This term the children have been working with Mrs Horrocks on watercolour painting. They made initial sketches, learned how to apply the paint correctly, chose a scene, photographed the scene and finally painted the watercolours. There was some lovely work and five of the children have had their paintings scanned and uploaded along with the original photos.

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