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Extended Explanation texts on Rationing – Mahima

Why is rationing being introduced? To make the UK powerless, the Germans are trying to cut off the food supplies that are being imported to Britain. In the period before the war, Britain imported 55 million tons of good. This … Continue reading

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In Class AS this week we have been looking at playscripts. We identified some of the main features such as writing in the present tense, putting in stage directions for movement and for how people speak, using adverbs to support … Continue reading

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Accident Reports

In Class AS last week we focused on different forms of recount, one of which was accident reports. We looked at the formal language, use of first person and the way that facts were related before creating our own reports. … Continue reading

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What is the real Uganda like?

As part of our study of Kafuro and Uganda in general, Class AS have been looking at a range of photos about aspects of Uganda. The children were given photos in groups. They had three main tasks from studying the … Continue reading

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Paralympic Diary – Mahima

Tuesday 4th September 2012 Dear Diary, Ever since I heard I was going to the Paralympics I felt a lot of things. Kinda agitated because I don’t wanna wake up early, it’s cruel. I’m the late bird, I like sleeping … Continue reading

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