Lady Macbeth’s final letter – Abi S

  Dunsinane Castle

My dearest husband,

I am hoping you are well at the moment because I am certainly not. I am writing to give one final apology and goodbye. I am no use to the world any more, my life is not worth living. I should never have persuaded you into murdering all those people; all I thought about was power. I was stupid, silly and ignorant. I love you with all my heart so saying goodbye to the world will be good for you. Also I never wished for you to deal with all this grief. I was so silly, I persuaded you into murdering our dear king and making it look like the groom’s did it and I made you kill Macduff’s wife and children. Help me for my sorrow is so deep.

When I give my life for your sake I will always love you with all my heart. My sorrow will always be with me like a dark cloud raining on my head. I always liked Macduff, his wife and children and all the other people I persuaded you to kill.

The blood of all the murders committed by you because I persuaded you will always be on my hands like a stain that won’t come off.

I hope I will stay with you in sprit and as a memory in your brain. I love you with all my heart and when I say goodbye I hope you will never forget me.

Your loving wife

Lady Macbeth


Lady Macbeth’s final letter – Andrew N

Dunsinane Castle


My greatest love,

I am writing to you as I await my final moments of life. I have decided that before I die I would like to apologise for all of the sins that I have wrongly forced you to do. It was my entire fault.


When I received the letter from you about your meeting with the three witches I got overwhelmed with the thought of having great power over the whole of Scotland. This led me to force you into murdering King Duncan. I feel so very bad about putting so much guilt on your shoulders and now I am feeling all of the guilt too. This has led me to end my life. However, you must understand that I was only trying to help you become King. I can still see the blood on my hands from that murder.


I then influenced you to become a blood thirsty murderer and this led you to send assassins to kill our good friend Banquo. It was wrong of me to lead you down this path and this only made you feel even worse. It is with great regret that I have realised that I have led you to become an evil wicked, murderer. It is only now that I feel the full amount of guilt. Do you remember when we were young lovers and how much we would have loved to be King and Queen? Well now that those titles have become ours, I have turned into rotten women.


Next, I wrongly led you to send more assassins to kill Macduff’s family. This has led him to think of you as an evil king and so now he wants to kill you. However, I will never think of you as evil. What you have done is my entire fault and everyone thinks it was you. Your current reputation will never be revived all because of me.


So my final plea and my final words are; can you forgive me? I know that you probably can’t, my love, but if you can than please can you?


Your loving wife,


Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth’s final letter – Daisy

In literacy this week we have been looking carefully at the story of Macbeth. We have spent a great deal of time analysing who was responsible for King Duncan’s murder and most of the children thought that Lady Macbeth bore the greater blame. We decided to write final letters from her to Macbeth before she took her own life. We were trying to achieve a clear structure, to make the reader feel sorry for her and to try and tell the story through the letter. Here’s Daisy’s letter:

                                                     Dunsinane Castle

Dear loving husband,

I am writing to you to give you a very important apology. I feel that life means nothing to me anymore and that you’d be better off without me. I am ever so sorry about the situation you are in; it is all my fault.

I should have never persuaded you to murder the king, but when you wrote to me about your meeting with the weird sisters I felt so overcome by a lust power I couldn’t stop myself. Please forgive me, as I cannot take on any more guilt.

Back then, I thought you were a cowardly person, but now I see you are a very brave man. You are trying so hard in the situation that I am responsible for. I am responsible for the death of Banqou, Macduff’s wife and all Macduff’s beloved children. I feel as if I am responsible for all the murders on the planet. I can still see King Duncan’s scarlet blood dripping off my hands, no matter how much I scrub at them.

I really want your forgiveness, as I am ever so sorry. I am so sad for you, but I felt that you would want to murder me if I didn’t apologise, so here it is in black and white. Saying goodbye to the world will hopefully make you feel better.

From your ever-loving wife,

Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth xxx

Persuasive writing

Today Year 5 have been writing persuasive letters to Mr Burford. They were asked to think of alternative uses for the field behind the school rather than the planned housing. They were then asked to write a formal letter with persuasive writing and complex sentences, outlining to Mr Burford why the field should be used by the field and the dangers of building housing. The first letter is Harry S’.

Liss Junior School

Hill Brow Road

Liss, Hampshire

GU33 7LQ

Thursday 31st March

Dear Mr Burford

I am writing in the strongest possible terms to protest about the plans for the houses in the clearing behind the playground, which isn’t currently being used for anything.

I think you’re making a bad decision by letting the builders build the houses. The space could easily be used for: Ball games, or more running space.

Isn’t it obvious that everyone in the school would want more space to play in? Having this space could prevent accidents from happening in the playground and could also give more room for those people playing games that involve many people.

If these ‘house’ plans go ahead just think of the pollution levels! You don’t want people wheezing, coughing, sneezing or feeling ill as well ? All these things could affect you as headmaster ;do you want these plants to go ahead or don’t you?

Only a madman would agree to let the house building plans go ahead, just think what we would miss out on. Please take note of this and take action to STOP the house building plans.

Yours sincerely

Harry S