Informal & Formal writing: Kirsten

LO:- I can change informal language into formal


Hey dude I had nothing to do with this, yeah. I was just chillin with my bros down at the boozer when I feel really Tom and Dick. After taking a shot on a bubbly water I felt like I was cream crackered. And these nippers always take away my space. I went inside the bank but men they thought I was robbing. I ain’t a robber , yeah. But the rozzers arrived  and I ain’t able to tell the truth.



My client is saying that he had nothing to do with this and he was just relaxing in the pub when he felt really sick after drinking a white wine. He felt like he was exhausted when this kids starting to block his way. However, he went inside the bank, but the people thought he was robbing. When the police came he had no time to tell the truth.

The John Akii – Bua Story

This week Class AS have been looking at the life of John Akii – Bua, the first Ugandan to ever win an Olympic gold medal as well as breaking the world record for the 400m hurdles at the same time. We watched a film about his life and discussed the attributes he had shown in order to progress to Olympic gold at Munich in 1972. Then we wrote newspaper articles to mirror how it may have been reported in Uganda the following day. A clip from the film can be seen below along with the children’s reports to download.

John Akii Bua Abi E

John Akii Bua Newspaper Lily

John Akii Bua Newspaper Madeline

John Akii Bua Newspaper Susie

John Akii Bua Newspaper Katie

John Akii Bua Newspaper Eve

John Akii Bua Newspaper Lucy

John Akii Bua Newspaper Emma

John Akii Bua Newspaper Laura

John Akii Bua Newspaper Will R

John Akii Bua Newspaper Kirsten

John Akii Bua Newspaper Georgina



Olympic Fortnight – Even More Poems

Usain Bolt by Kirsten

Getting ready to go

When the gun goes kablow

Running on the track

Ahead of the pack

He’s flash of lightning

No one can beat him

He’s as fast as you can imagine

With the power of an engine

He goes really fast

So prepare to finish last

He’s winning the gold medal

Usain Bolt by Abi E 

Running down the track

You can only see his back

He may be a hero

When he gets nine zero

Fast as lightning

So fast it is frightening

Bolt is his name

Winning is his the game

Usain Bolt by Jack 


Speedy like a cheetah

Athletically fit

Insanely fast

Nothing can stop him

Bullet from a gun

Off at top speed

Like lightning he runs

Track filled with dust

Qualifying by Elyse

Step forward on my mark

Shouts of support pump my heart

Blurry track straight ahead

Can’t concentrate, clear my head

Muscles twitch want to go

Want to run, but head says “No”

Need to win, I really do

If I don’t, I wont go through

Glance to my right, opponents stand

Poised like rubber bands

Sun is hot, sky is blue

Sweat trickles down, and dampens my shoe

BANG! The gun fires we leap off our marks

The crowd screams and shouts, happy as Larks

I skim ahead, wind in my hair

I don’t know what’s happening, who what and where

As I surge forward I feel I can fly

I feel so light, I feel so high

Is it a dream? I am not sure

But I`ve finished first place, don’t need to run any more

Jog to my team mates “AMAZING !” they cry

But the finals already begin to loom in my mind

Courage by Emma


Courage is so strong

It pulls you up when you fall

It makes you go again










Communication Fortnight – Story Glory

Yesterday was the closing ceremony of Communication Fortnight, two weeks that have been dedicated to speaking and listening. Class AS have been working very hard on an activity called Story Glory. This is where the children are given a list of props or items and have to make a story out of them.


Mr Stanley gave the children the following items: The Statue of Liberty, a sunhat, a tennis raquet, a rugby ball, Granny and a dalmatian called Larry. All the groups produced some great stories, but the group selected was composed of Katie, Charlotte, Susie, Jake, Korban, Madeline and Kirsten and they brought the house down with a brilliant performance making their classmates and teacher very proud. They were presented with a deserved certificate by Mrs Green.