The Mediterranean Mail

Today, published for your delectation, sees the first (and last) edition of the Mediterranean Mail, Class AS’ Ancient Greek newspaper. You will see a lots of imagination, sound journalistic concepts and a good deal of historical fact presented in an entertaining manner. Particularly recommended is the hilarious ‘Problem Page’.

Read on and enjoy!

(to download an article right click on a file and press ‘save target as.’ You canthen save the file into your ‘my documents folder’. It can then be opened and read.)

Pheidippides Lead story – Will C & Josh F

Parthenon – Cameron & Jake

Local News – Susie and Alex C

Medusa interview – Will W & Emily Knight

Free Personals – Will R & Georgina

Problem Page – Madeline and Ben

Greek Gods – Oliver, Lucy & Elias

Gossip girls – Abi E & Katie

Fashion – Emma & Kirsten

food and drink – Charlotte & Eve

Greek Houses – Abi P & Jack

Greek That – Elyse & Alex M

Reviews – John & Harry

Puzzle Page – John & Harry

Sport – Lily and Josh NB




Wooden Horse of Troy Newspaper reports

The newspaper articles keep coming. This was set for homework and the children are now submitting their articles. Enjoy! More to come at the end of the week with Class AS’ own Greek newspaper, problem page and all!

The Wooden Horse – Oliver

Troy Boy – Katie

Troy Falls – John

Trojans tricked – Jack

War ends – Cameron

Lily – Masterpiece

Jake – Greeks ride

Fooled – Emily


Theseus and the Minotaur newspaper articles

Journalistic writing is one of the most difficult things that children have to learn, so we have spent a lot of time this week studying newspaper reports and writing our own. We use the story of Theseus and the Minotaur as a stimulus as the class is now very familiar with the myth. The children had to pick part of the story and give it the newspaper treatment, quite often with bias. Articles are now available to download below with more to follow.

Dumped – Katie

Minotaur killed – Will C

Abandoned – Lily

I can fly – Oliver

Death of our beloved king – James

Trouble with a princess – Eve

Cruel Killing – Madeline

Jilted – Lucy

The terrified man – Josh F

Minotaur dead – Josh NB

Aegeus is dead – Harry


Quick escape – Abi E

Abandoned – Abi P

Escape – Georgina

Cretans are cretins – John

Hysterical – Elyse

Selfish Theseus – Will R

Escape – Emma