Stomp Rockets

This term Class AS have been working on creating rockets in DT with Mrs Horrocks. Firstly they made designs and tested paper rockets. Then they moved onto the design process for the fully fledged stomp rockets which are powered by air forced out of a bottle and up a tube. The children formed into teams which competed against each other to see which rocket could travel the furthest distance. Design and angle of launch became particularly important. The winning team comprised Oliver, Alex C, Alex M, Josh NB, Cameron & James. Photos and a brief bit of film can be seen below.

Stomp Rockets

Even More Olympic Poems

100 m by Josh NB

Bang went the gun

He’s got to go for gold

So he can remember something

Something till he’s old

He’s got to get it together

Or he will lose the race

He is running as quick as lighting

He’s going to lose his place

He’s in the lead again

Oh no he’s going to get caught

But he’s not letting that happen

After all that work and thought

He just finished the race

He just finished first place

Yay yay the crowd cheers

A smile beams on his face

Usain Bolt by Will W & Will R


Faster than fast

He would never come last

Shot past the line

With plenty of time.


Confidence is high

So you really need to try

He’s the man permanently sold

On coming home with a medal of gold.


Usain Bolt

Will never halt

And will carry on all the way.


Steve Redgrave by Elias

Medal winner,

Certificate pinner,

Outstanding rower,

Confident glower,

Extremely fast,

Through water he blasts,

Olympic hero,

Never leaves with zero,

Long trainer,

Record gainer,

Famous as Nero,



Ancient Greek Non – Chronological Report: Josh NB

The Ancient Olympic Games

Athletics was a really good sport for the Greeks.  The Olympic Games started in Olympia and also started in 776 BC.   The Olympics happened every four years and it still does.


There were running, wrestling, boxing and horse races. In running you had 3 different events the first event was ‘the stade’, the second event was ‘the diauls’, the third event was ‘the doluihos’, it got harder in each event. Boxing had only one event.  The horse race had 1200m race to the finish line.


The prizes were given on the fifth day of the games.  The winning athlete was given an olive wreath, palm branches and woollen ribbons.  Some of the cities gave lots of money to some of the winning athletes.

 Women’s games

Women were not allowed to compete in the Olympics, but married women could not go anywhere near Olympia during the games. Women had their own games called Heraia.


Olympia had some impressive buildings built. The buildings were for training which were called Palaistra and the gymnasium. There was a separate building for meetings too.


Ancient Greeks liked their games and you should know more about the games and their history.

Theseus & the Minotaur – The Dance

This term in dance we have been looking at Theseus and the Minotaur. Each week we have created, practised and evaluated a different part of the dance, then today we put it all together and performed it as a whole.

There are six scenes to the dance:
1) King Aegeus choosing the victims for the Minotaur
2) The journey across the sea to Crete
3) Entering the labyrinth
4) Fighting the Minotaur
5) Exiting the labyrinth and leaving Ariadne on Naxos
6) Returning home and the suicide of Aegeus.

The children worked in four groups:
1) Alex M, Oliver, Alex C, Jack, Josh NB, Elias and Cameron
2) Elyse, Katie, Lily, Kirsten, Charlotte, Susie, Abi E and Abi P
3) Will R, Will C, Will W, James, Ben, Harry, Korban and Jake
4) John, Emma, Madeleine, Lucy, Eve, Josh F, Georgina and Emily

All files can be played with Quicktime

Theseus & the Minotaur Group 1
Theseus & the Minotaur Group 2
Theseus & The Minotaur Group 3
Theseus & the Minotaur Group 4

Theseus and the Minotaur newspaper articles

Journalistic writing is one of the most difficult things that children have to learn, so we have spent a lot of time this week studying newspaper reports and writing our own. We use the story of Theseus and the Minotaur as a stimulus as the class is now very familiar with the myth. The children had to pick part of the story and give it the newspaper treatment, quite often with bias. Articles are now available to download below with more to follow.

Dumped – Katie

Minotaur killed – Will C

Abandoned – Lily

I can fly – Oliver

Death of our beloved king – James

Trouble with a princess – Eve

Cruel Killing – Madeline

Jilted – Lucy

The terrified man – Josh F

Minotaur dead – Josh NB

Aegeus is dead – Harry


Quick escape – Abi E

Abandoned – Abi P

Escape – Georgina

Cretans are cretins – John

Hysterical – Elyse

Selfish Theseus – Will R

Escape – Emma