Extended Stories: Jack

Born to run


Alex was a blond haired funny young boy from Petersfield. At the age of 7 Alex loved all sports especially athletics, at school Alex would win the sprinting event which really pleased him. By the age of 12 Alex was taking sprinting lessons, before he knew it he was traveling around the country running for Petersfield athletics club; he was quite successful. Alex decided quickly that he wanted to take part in a sport that involved sprinting so he choses cricket, so he signs up for Petersfield cricket club. He did quite well, he was much younger than the rest of his team mates, as he was 14and the rest were 16-17. Alex played cricket for years. During the process his coach realised his pace for bowling and that he clean bowled the opponent’s   batsmen most of the time. At Alex`s last match his coach arranged for an agent from the team GB H.Q. During the match the agent also realised how fast Alex was and how high he could jump to catch the ball.


A couple of weeks later Alex was sitting in front of the tv board, a letter came through the letter box it had Alex`s name on it.

“Alex,” exclaimed his mum. “There`s a letter for you”.  She handed him the letter. Alex thought, “Who was it from? Why did they send it?” He started to open it.


Chapter 2

The letter was from the team GB academy asking if Alex wanted to join and go in for trials for the hurdles. It also said if he got succeeded he would be entered in the Beijing Olympic Games. Alex thought to give it a go, 2 days later Alex was on the train heading to west London where the agent had arranged to meet him. Alex got off the train, there was the agent. He walked towards Alex to greet him.


“Congratulations kid, but don`t get too over excited, trials are tough!” They kept walking until they reached an empty alley way with a nice shiny new BMW with blacked out windows. They got in, the agent said to the driver “go”. As they went along Alex sat nervously in his leather seat wondering what he would have to face. They arrived at this massive oval shaped dome, coloured silver. When they stepped inside there were lots and lots of athletes training, hoping that one day they might be in the Olympics. They walked to the end of the building and through a door which lead them to a running track, there were 7 others, a couple of years older than Alex, lined up at the start line. Alex got told to line up and that it was a sprinting race.

“On your marks, get set,” Bang! Alex shot off the blocks to find himself in 3rd place. The race was quite short only about 70m Alex was gaining on 2nd with about 30m left he was now 2nd but couldn’t catch 1st.


The race ended and for coming 2nd Alex got 12 points, the next event was jumping over a hurdle then turning around and jumping it again you to do it as many times as you could in 30 seconds. Alex scored 19 in 1st place, he got 15 points for round two with an overall score of 27 points. The last event was the 110m hurdles and at the end the person with most amount of points would win. Alex lined up ready for the race, on your marks, get set, Bang! Alex got a good  start as before, he was holding the lead. Suddenly someone wiz zed past him, then turned around and looked at Alex with a cheesy smile but then crashed into a hurdle so that Alex crossed the line 1st. The agent announced that the winner was Alex with 43 points.


Chapter 3

As Alex headed home on the train, he was over the moon that he had won. When he got home it was 11:30pm, he found his mum asleep on the sofa, so he went up to bed. The next morning Alex got a call from the team GB agent to say that they had entered him in the hurdles at the Beijing Olympic Games next year. Alex headed to the train station where he caught a train to London. When he arrived he caught a taxi to the academy. When he got inside he saw the agent standing by the counter. He approached Alex asking why he was here Alex replied,

“To train for the Olympics”

“Ok,” said the agent. Alex got on to the running track and started to train.


A year later the Olympics came, Alex`s race was about to start. He could hear the roar of the crowd shouting for there country Alex tried to stay calm and focused, but it was hard. Alex lined in his starting position in lane 6,

“On your marks, get set,” Bang! Alex stormed off into 2nd place clearing 3 hurdles easily but he couldn`t keep his speed up so he dropped into 3rd, with about 7m left he into 4th with no medal but it didn`t bother Alex too much because it was his first race. A week later Alex went to train at the team GB academy, When he arrived his agent told him he had qualified for the 2010 world championships in Berlin,

“Yes!” Alex replied.


Chapter 4

Alex trained and trained until the world championships came. When Alex arrived in Berlin it was really wet Alex thought “I`m going to slip up”. A few days later the championships started, then it came to the 110m hurdles. Alex was focusing, getting ready. He went down into the blocks.

“On your marks, get set,” Bang! Alex was 1st easily whizzing over 5 hurdles then suddenly as he approached the next hurdle he slipped and crashed into the hurdle. Alex felt a crack in his leg. After the race Alex was rushed to the hospital, where he had an x-ray, he was told he had broken his leg and may never race again…


It took several months for Alex to recover and it was slow and painful. Alex still wanted to compete but strangely he couldn’t jump high enough to get over the hurdle, his agent told him he would think of what to enter him in. He thought and thought until he came up with the 100m sprint. He rang Alex up and told him. Alex was excited but it was only a day later that he realised that he would have to face Usain Bolt…


Chapter 5

Alex was nervous, with only 2 days until the London 2012 games. He was training harder than ever. Finally the games came Alex enjoyed watching the rest of the track and field events, then it was the 100m sprint. He entered the track, staying focused. He got down into the blocks, he was about to go, he could see Bolt smirking at the cameras. The atmosphere was amazing, the roar and shouting of the crowd. Suddenly a banana peel got thrown out of the crowd and onto Bolt’s lane but no one else noticed.

“On your marks, get set,” Bang! Alex shot down the track like a bullet closely followed by Bolt. Alex couldn’t believe he was beating Usain Bolt, but then Bolt got past Alex. Alex gave it his all to pass Bolt but it wasn’t enough until the last 20m when Bolt slipped on the banana peel. He got up and crossed the line neck and neck with Alex. Alex looked up at the board. He had won and broken the record.



Chapter 6

Alex stood happily on the podium as he sang along to the national anthem. When Alex got home his whole family was there and they had a massive party. He even got to ride on an open top bus parade. The next morning there was a letter posted through the door for Alex. He read it, it said, “To Alex, I will get you next time, from U.B”

“Usain Bolt ,” Alex mumbled to himself.

Olympic Fortnight – Even More Poems

Usain Bolt by Kirsten

Getting ready to go

When the gun goes kablow

Running on the track

Ahead of the pack

He’s flash of lightning

No one can beat him

He’s as fast as you can imagine

With the power of an engine

He goes really fast

So prepare to finish last

He’s winning the gold medal

Usain Bolt by Abi E 

Running down the track

You can only see his back

He may be a hero

When he gets nine zero

Fast as lightning

So fast it is frightening

Bolt is his name

Winning is his the game

Usain Bolt by Jack 


Speedy like a cheetah

Athletically fit

Insanely fast

Nothing can stop him

Bullet from a gun

Off at top speed

Like lightning he runs

Track filled with dust

Qualifying by Elyse

Step forward on my mark

Shouts of support pump my heart

Blurry track straight ahead

Can’t concentrate, clear my head

Muscles twitch want to go

Want to run, but head says “No”

Need to win, I really do

If I don’t, I wont go through

Glance to my right, opponents stand

Poised like rubber bands

Sun is hot, sky is blue

Sweat trickles down, and dampens my shoe

BANG! The gun fires we leap off our marks

The crowd screams and shouts, happy as Larks

I skim ahead, wind in my hair

I don’t know what’s happening, who what and where

As I surge forward I feel I can fly

I feel so light, I feel so high

Is it a dream? I am not sure

But I`ve finished first place, don’t need to run any more

Jog to my team mates “AMAZING !” they cry

But the finals already begin to loom in my mind

Courage by Emma


Courage is so strong

It pulls you up when you fall

It makes you go again










Winter Poem Videos

As a Christmas treat Class AS decided to produce filmed versions of children in the class performing their winter poems against a backdrop that they chose themselves. We used our new greenscreen software that Mr Stanley has been learning how to master. He taught Katie, who is now a greenscreen expert herself.

More poems to come tomorrow, but please enjoythe following:

Will C








Abi P




Abi E

Winter Poems: Abi P, Emma & Jack

Winter starts


The start of winter is when all

the snowflakes race down to

the ground. When the trees are covered with

a snowy blankets to hide their naked branches.

But that’s just the start.


I walk out my door leaving the door fire-a-sizzling

where my cat lies warming her soft fluffy head.

By bare foot steps first in the

woolly blanket of snow as it eats my feet and scratches my

fingers as I run sharply inside again to the warmth.

But that’s just the start.


I jump on my sledge in my warm winters clothes when I zoom

down the snowy hills, cold

frosty air brushing past my face into my nose and through my flowing hair.

But that’s just the start.


Then comes the time when the snow melts until one little cold drop that I must keep
in a glass case to remind me of the winters bite but now spring

is here,

so that’s

the end.


A snow poem


I woke up one winter morning and saw a beautiful sight

Snow, gold and pink and violet

From the dawn light


Roses sit in icy cases like wands of glass

With a magical air

So many it was like a small class


Fairies sit upon the wall

Small and dainty like the snow flakes

Unnoticed by all


As the golden sun rises

And the colour fades

I wish I could see that sight that spoke to me again


A Winter Poem


Snowflakes come down like hot air balloons landing

Shivery snow covers the whole street

In the living room light the fire

To warm my icy snowy feet


Naked trees show their branches

Snowballs shoot across the lawn

Building snowmen to stand like statues

Children play and adults yawn


The winter clouds gush out icy wind

Jingling bells make icicles fall

Melting snow runs along my feet

The Christmas tree stands green and tall