Harry S’ extended story

Marvels in the meadows is Harry’s extended story. It is obvious he has understood The wind in the willows very well….


Marvels in the meadows.


Chapter 1


Mole was already having a bad day, although the weather was fantastic! His whitewash, which cost him £1.00 and a sixpence, had turned very thick.

“O, who could be bothered?” muttered Mole grumpily he climbed up his ladder and poked his snout in the air. ‘POP’ it went,

“Atchooo” Mole sneezed,

“Hay-fever” he muttered to himself grimly. Mole hated hated hay-fever; he felt he had been heavily inflicted by it.

“Atchooooo” Mole sneezed again; his eyes were now running and beginning to look red. Mole, now trying to ignore his hay-fever got up and rolled around, not noticing the sandy patch ahead of him,

“A…A…A…ATCHOOOOO” Mole sneezed really hard now.

“What ghastly effects sand can have on hay-fever,” Mole said sniffing meanwhile.

He brushed off a little sand and then looked at his brown fur, it looked a bit better. So Mole brushed off a little more sand. Mole can sometimes be quite lazy but never at the wrong time; when he is spring cleaning he is never lazy, well almost never! But when it’s time for Mole to nab something to eat he is then quite lazy.

Soon Mole stopped to catch his breath back, he paused to look around and t’was the gates of Badger Manor he saw. 



Chapter 2


He knew them for nothing else, the gates of Badger Manor,

“Wow” gasped Mole, still staring at the shiny black gates. “How often do they polish those?!!” Mole gasped at the gates again. All of a sudden (because the rabbits weren’t on guard) a big Alsatian charged down the drive at Mole. However, Mole was not scared. He threw a stick and yelled,

“Go fetch boy”, but the dog did not go to get the stick that was because the dog was actually a girl and did not ever get called boy. Realising his mistake mole turned as red as the door of Badger manor and muttered,

“Sorry- girl I didn’t realise you were a girl.” Then the doors of Badger manor burst open.

“Get in you stupid mutt!” exclaimed Badger. The Alsatian walked in with a sad face. Badger apologised to Mole for the dog’s bad behaviour.

Badger let Mole in and they sat down for a cup of tea, they were chatting for hours and hours. Finally Badger let mole go, but what Mole didn’t know was that Badger had arrangements. The Motor-boat that Badger had arranged for was late, Badger was not very happy about this. Mole heard a glass break and went to see what was happening. Badger was in a flying rage, glasses were breaking sheets were being torn from corner to corner. Mole could only see this but nothing else as the walls of Badger manor prevented him. Mole made a bell ring in Badger Manor by pulling a string on the gate. The rabbit servants answered this by letting Mole through the gates and door. Mole crept towards Badger’s door he opened it, it frightened Badger so much he bit all down to the bone in Mole’s leg, Mole let out a huge cry for help, two rabbit servants flew upstairs to help Mole, with them they brought: an old sheet (which became blood-stained when Mole was carried on it) and a piece of wood which was used to reinforce the sheet,

“OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!” wailed Mole, in serious pain. “Call an ambulance, call an ambulance,” He cried again.

“We have, we have” reassured the Rabbits. Soon the wail of ambulance sirens got louder and louder, they finally screeched into Badger’s drive

“We have been called to take Mole Black to hospital,” said the Otter ambulance driver (who had a bristly moustache)

“That’s right” replied a Rabbit, the Otter grunted in an acknowledged kind of way and took Mole to the ambulance.  



Chapter 3


Toad in his reed hut was reading the local paper; the headline at the top of the cover read Bitten to the bone. Toad saw this and a picture of Mole,

“O blow, what has happened to the poor fellow?” Toad, jumping out of the hut, rushed to his Motor-boat,

“Ah GOODIE, the river goes through the town centre.” The motor-boat wasn’t really Toad’s but an Otter’s he’d borrowed it to drive around in because he is obsessed with motor-boats. He was going so fast his green slimy cheeks were flapping in the wind.

It wasn’t long before toad parked the motor-boat near the jetty he jumped and ran to the hospital but he didn’t notice Badger rubbing his hands together and muttering something under his breath.

Finally Badger arrived at the hospital. He panted to the old Weasel behind the counter,

“I’ve come to see Mole Black, where is he?”

“Alright, have some Patience, sir!” She grumbled rather tiredly,

“Ward 21,” she finally told him

“Thank you,” he said.

Before the lady had time to reply Toad was off in a rush he looked around and there he saw the sign meaning to go forward to floor four. He took the stairs to floor four where there was room 20 at the beginning, he saw room 21 he opened the curtain and there was Mole, he was so pleased to see him,

“Dear oh dear, old chap, what happened to you?” asked Toad

“That silly old fellow Badger bit me in a rage over the late motor-boat to try on the canal that runs through his front lawn!” Mole told Badger all about the coincidence; Toad decided something had to be done.



Chapter 4

The Unexpected Lesson


Badger was still at the town centre eyeing the Motor-boat. He took a quick step, jumped in, sniggered and started the engine, not noticing the policeman on patrol!

“Go baby go!” Badger cried. He was going so fast his face was looking as though it was going to come off. All of a sudden a wail of sirens grew louder: it was THE POLICE FORCE! Badger said something so rude to the police if I put it in this book I’d would have had the police on my backside. The Canal was getting narrower and more twisty-turny; Badger was going faster and paying less and less attention to the Canal.

“Stop in the name of the Staffordshire Police Force!” called a constable.

“NEV…” Badgers cry was cut short by a shout, the sound of breaking glass and things snapping.

“AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH” wailed Badger as he was launched into the distance. Toad, hearing the commotion, left Mole, who was asleep, and went to see what had happened. The first thing Toad noticed was the wrecked boat; he held his head in his hands and cried. He was sobbing when the Otter, who had lent him the motor-boat, came past. Instead of getting angry, he reassured Toad that it was alright and that he had seen the incident,                     

“Instead of you paying me the money, I pay you compensation over losing the boat.” the Otter told the still sobbing Toad. The Otter walked away looking quite upset, the motor-boat was the only decent possession he had. The Otter had no money either as the motor-boat had also cost him all his spare money so how was he going to pay back Toad!


 Chapter 5

The walk

Mole was staying at Toad’s house as the walk to his own house was too far for him to go. Toad was opening the milk carton on the side it said Missing: Badger Green. Seeing this Mole gasped,

“Goodness me!”

“What?” said Toad. Mole told Toad all about the picture and message on the side of the carton. Mole decided how they would get there and which route to take.

Finally, on the fifth day of planning (now Mole was better) they knew where Badger was, as Badger had sent them a letter (written with equipment from passers-by.) The letter read:

Dear Toad and Mole,

I am stuck in the Meadows! There are five meadows and I am in the Centre as there are 2 in front of me and 2 behind me. I need help! In fact, I have lost my tail because angry farmers have been shooting at me!

Serves him right” muttered Toad.                                                                                                             

“After all he did write off the motor-boat!” added Mole. Toad and Mole finished reading the letter and started to make a picnic with smooth and thick peanut butter sandwiches, fizzy and bubbly Soda, fresh, ripe fruit and lots of other home-made goodies of Mole and Toad’s.

After a long time walking, the sky was starting to turn a shade of navy-blue so Mole and Toad settled under the dim stars. The night was dark, long and very humid but eventually the pair got to sleep.

Soon dawn came and the two slowly got up and ate their breakfast of peanut butter sandwiches. With their stomachs full the duo climbed the steep hill. It wasn’t long before Mole shouted,

“We’re lost! We’re lost!” Toad turned bright red and put his fingers in his ears. They started fiddling around, sniffing and looking around them. It was hopeless; the two of them were lost for good! Mole, for the first time in years, had a brilliant idea, if he were to use his snout to sniff and Toad put his ear to the ground and listen, they may get back on track!

Mole and Toad finally became bored and tired, their idea was no use. Just as Mole was settling down to take a nap, Toad’s face lit up like the sun and he yelled,

“I hear someone sniffing; I think it may be Badger!” They crept behind the tree and there was Badger! Everyone yelled and screamed and jumped for joy, apart from Toad. He was still quite angry with Badger for crashing his boat; in fact Toad didn’t even feel sorry for Badger although he had a lump the size of a pig’s bladder on his scalp. Mole led everyone home, it took 2 days and 2 nights but they were back safe and sound.


Chapter 6

The Ending

Badger is now a changed person, probably due to the lump on his head! He is kind, helpful and caring, but unfortunately he still has a bit of an obsession with motor-boats and motor-cars. He is not quick tempered at all and will sit calmly and talk to sort out anything, well almost anything and he will certainly NOT steal anything, no matter how much he craves it!

The end








Persuasive writing

Today Year 5 have been writing persuasive letters to Mr Burford. They were asked to think of alternative uses for the field behind the school rather than the planned housing. They were then asked to write a formal letter with persuasive writing and complex sentences, outlining to Mr Burford why the field should be used by the field and the dangers of building housing. The first letter is Harry S’.

Liss Junior School

Hill Brow Road

Liss, Hampshire

GU33 7LQ

Thursday 31st March

Dear Mr Burford

I am writing in the strongest possible terms to protest about the plans for the houses in the clearing behind the playground, which isn’t currently being used for anything.

I think you’re making a bad decision by letting the builders build the houses. The space could easily be used for: Ball games, or more running space.

Isn’t it obvious that everyone in the school would want more space to play in? Having this space could prevent accidents from happening in the playground and could also give more room for those people playing games that involve many people.

If these ‘house’ plans go ahead just think of the pollution levels! You don’t want people wheezing, coughing, sneezing or feeling ill as well ? All these things could affect you as headmaster ;do you want these plants to go ahead or don’t you?

Only a madman would agree to let the house building plans go ahead, just think what we would miss out on. Please take note of this and take action to STOP the house building plans.

Yours sincerely

Harry S

Harry S’ myth

Harry has produced an amusing piece of writing while staying faithful to many aspects of myths. Read on…

Hareseus and the Minotaur

Once in the city of Athens in castle Klausean, King Klausean was in another one of his strops.

“Posters of thou country’s missing people everywhere, no tourists and no more profit for my country. All I need is a hero.” The king may have been a stroppy man, but was indeed a kind man as well. He used to be popular with the people, but now his popularity was going down with the public. As no tourists were coming the money in Greece was falling and the country was almost in poverty. Everyone’s patience was wearing thin with the king.

Suddenly the sun shone brightly; this was surprising as it was a cold spring morning.

“Nyaaagh, my eyes!” screamed the king.” Then a rap at the door drowned out all noise in the castle.

“Come in” boomed the king

“I the mighty Hareseus is here to slay the evil beast that threatens thy land and castle.” proclaimed a strange man not wearing very much. Then the king snapped,

“How are you supposed to fight this evil beast in thy underwear?” After that the whole castle started to howl with laughter. Angrily, Hareseus replied,

“I shall return with the head of thy Minotaur”

“Take this idiot away guards.” ordered the king.

Hareseus mooched around outside, now regretting what he had said earlier. Blinded all of a sudden, Hareseus just saw sunlight, or so he thought, as it was a bright day, but two hazy figures emerged from the light. It was Pegionauss and Careseanous .

“Take this crystal it shall help you knock out the Minotaur” said Careseanous.

“Take this sword, it shall help you KILL the Minotaur” said Pegionauss. “Oh and also it shall help you parry the Minotaur’s attacks,” he added.

“But how am I supposed to fight this beast in my underwear?” moaned Hareseus. Then Careseus pointed to a hole in the castle and a ladder which led to the storeroom of the castle.

“Thank you” said Hareseus and climbed the ladder. It was quite nervewracking going up the ladder, especially as there were fully armed guards with weapons as well. Eventually Hareseus reached the top and there he saw it ; it was almost gold : A Golden vest, an iron helmet, leather shorts as well, but the thing that caught his eye most was THE BRONZE SHIELD. Quickly he scrambled all this on , he slid down the ladder and was off!

Soon Hareseus found himself in a deep rancid smelling wood. But he had confidence and wasn’t scared of all the evil rumours about this wood.

Before long he was at the Minotaur’s lair, it stank of mouldy cheese and the beast was asleep. It had a runny nose, thick scraggly fur and it’s bum had flies swirling round it. But before long the beast awoke and charged at Hareseus. Quickly Hareseus reacted, throwing the crystal. He had perfect accuracy: it hit the Minotaur’s head and knocked it out. Quickly he drew his sword up and stabbed it in the Minotaur’s back. It growled its last growl and died. Remembering what he had said earlier, he sliced off his head, took off the armour he borrowed, and put it on a skeleton then he headed back to castle Klausean.

 It seemed hours, but eventually he got there, he rapped on the door and waited. Then he heard someone saying,

“COME IN.” It was the king! Hareseus opened the mighty doors of the castle and held Socrates the Minotaur’s head way above his own. A great cheer erupted in the hall and then all noise died down to hear what the king had to say about it all, “As thou has slayed thee evil beast Socrates, I shalt give you the castle as a reward.” Then one of the servants added,

“And all the clothes you need as well!” Everyone laughed including Hareseus himself.

Soon Hareseus was heading home, it wasn’t long before he got there. But he was still awaiting his clothes! But that didn’t matter as for now he was the Athens’ hero.