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Streatley Work from Year 5

While Year 6 have been at Calshot on their activity week, Year 5 have been busy writing up all their notes from their Streatley residential. Some of the work they have produced includes poetry about the Rollright Stones and the … Continue reading

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Why did the Emperor Claudius invade Britain?

In history we have been looking at the Roman invasion of Britain in AD43 and examining the reasons why Claudius took the decision to invade. The children were asked to examine a range of evidence and draw their own conclusions. … Continue reading

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More formal letters – George & Simon

Liss Junior School Hillbrow Road Liss GU33 7LQ Tuesday 31st March 2015 Dear Mr Burford,   I am writing to tell you to keep the school uniform the same when the governors come tonight to ask you to make a … Continue reading

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Greek Myths From Class AS

Our latest literacy topic has been myths and the class have been looking at a range of famous myths from Greece. The children decided to write their own myths involving a dangerous quest to kill a terrible creature. Here’s a … Continue reading

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It’s a miracle! Explanations

Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at explanations in Literacy. The children have been learning how to skim and scan text before making notes, and then expanding the notes to make complex and compound sentences with time and … Continue reading

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George’s Playscript

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