Even More Olympic Poems

100 m by Josh NB

Bang went the gun

He’s got to go for gold

So he can remember something

Something till he’s old

He’s got to get it together

Or he will lose the race

He is running as quick as lighting

He’s going to lose his place

He’s in the lead again

Oh no he’s going to get caught

But he’s not letting that happen

After all that work and thought

He just finished the race

He just finished first place

Yay yay the crowd cheers

A smile beams on his face

Usain Bolt by Will W & Will R


Faster than fast

He would never come last

Shot past the line

With plenty of time.


Confidence is high

So you really need to try

He’s the man permanently sold

On coming home with a medal of gold.


Usain Bolt

Will never halt

And will carry on all the way.


Steve Redgrave by Elias

Medal winner,

Certificate pinner,

Outstanding rower,

Confident glower,

Extremely fast,

Through water he blasts,

Olympic hero,

Never leaves with zero,

Long trainer,

Record gainer,

Famous as Nero,



Poetry – The Woods

This week in literacy we have been looking at a a range of poems about woods, all with different rhyming patterns. We have also investigated simile, metaphor, alliteration and assonance, personification and onomatopoeia.

We gathered together a stockpot of words, then we drafted poems and checked them with our response partners before producing the final poems. Here’s the first few with more to follow.


Dark Woods

I stumble through the darkening forest

Mist lingers in the eerie gloom

Shadows watch my every foot step

Cast down by the ghostly full moon


I feel my heart pounding in my chest

Gnarled roots block my every path

Silence pins me down like daggers

Encouraged by a monstrous laugh


Tall trees tower above me

Like long crooked hands

Creaking in the howling wind

Giants from faraway lands.



The Wood

I walk through the wood in a breeze

The frost biting my fingers

With freezing achy knees.


The creepy shadows chasing me

I scream and scream but no one can hear

I sand a still as a statue but I want to flee.


Scaring myself half to death

My heart pounding furiously

Trying to catch my breath.


I walk through a forbidden area

I step on a twig, CRACK!

The foul owl is just making it scarier.



Walking through the wood


I stagger through the foggy wood

Not able to see through the pitch black night

I’m longing to be snuggled in my bed

Than having this horrible fright


The towering trees are odd figures

Reaching out to hold me back

Dark shadows follow my every move

Trying to push me off the track.


Snap, creak, there’s something near

I don’t dare to look behind me

An awful stench fills my nose with coal

Right now I feel like I want to flee.


The moon above me gives me an icy glare

Just like it thinks I’m bad

Terrible trenches lie ahead

Right now I don’t feel like being sad.

Will R

The Woods.

Walking through the wood at night

The eerie trees watch me

Giving me a fright.


It’s like walking through a ghost town

Every step is like a bomb going off

I’m only in my gown.


Crick crack as I go over the bridge

I hope it doesn’t break

It is as cold as a fridge.



The way through the woods

I walk through the creepy trees

And branches try to grab me

And things doing evil deeds

It is as if I’m blind, but they can see


Something claps,

I spin around

I see nothing, not even some trees

And I can’t hear a sound


Horrid hands hold my hair,

I look to see,

And as I do, my T-Shirt tears

But it is just a tree.


The awful noises make me scream

I fall to the ground

I want it to be a dream,

And I cower as the noises pound



The Wood Poem.

I’m in a freaky forest, trees are trying to grab me,

The leaves are crunching on the ground,

As quiet as ants swiftly striding,

I am nowhere to be found.


I tiptoe carefully across the mulching muddy floor,

Doom has caught me in a sack,

As scary as a clown in a circus,

It has all turned pitch BLACK!


Bushes rustle like they are alive!

The moon has a funnily luminous light,

Twigs explode like deadly dynamite, BANG!

I am bound to get a fright…………………….(cliffhanger)


The Wood

As I walk along the forest path

The night closes around me

Mysterious eyes watching every step I take

Shadows dashing in between trees


The wind howls like a wolf

And fear makes you want to flee

Hearing sounds that give me a fright

And the frost bites my knees


I stumble out the woods

Running as quick as I can

Terrified to look back

Not having any time to think of a plan


The Dark Woods

Stumbling through the shadows of the Dark Woods

The moon tries to show me the path

But the trees cover me, a gnarled hood


The eerie trees are too spine-chilling

So I look to the skies, as dark as coal,

I think that this could be a movie, quite thrilling


I know I cannot linger

Surrounded by the terrible trees

With the frost eating me away, finger by frozen finger


The trees creaking in the darkness

I creep through the clearing leaves rustling under my feet

With eyes staring out at me, heartless

Will W

The way through the woods

I walk along the dirty path

In the woods at night

The freaky trees are coming closer

Which give me a fright.


The icy wind freezes my fingers

And also my toes

The foul owl is sitting silently

Now the frost is freezing my nose.


The creepy creatures are casting shadows

I can now hear a crunch

But I want to go home now



The dark Woods

I run alone in the damaged road

I scuttle under a tree like mice

Every step crunching twigs

My hands are cold as ice.


Scratch, squeal, beware the bats

I swim in a river like when I go to the Taro

The crack crackling as dead trees fall

And foxes go to their burrows.


The swaying trees stalk me

And shadows are in shapes like oblongs

The thorns prickle me

As I stroll along.



The wood

Frozen darkness with eyes of despair

Surrounding you from every direction

Picking on you with sharp spiky thorns

Choosing you for an ominous election


Trees throwing down twigs of dynamite

Flowers planting mines instead of seeds

A snake covered path for you to follow

Getting you to do dark deeds


Hide yourself under some shadows

Shadows grab you like shadow covered quick sand

Getting dragged down to your dark death

Waiting for a good shadow to give you a hand


There’s no way out of this dark wood

It’s dreaded hands blocking all ways out

Trees that look at you with fiery eyes

The dark wood dark and dead without a doubt


It’s a never ending path like walking around a dark world



The wood

As I enter my way

Through the dark and misty wood

I hear the haunting sway


I start to get an unknown feeling

The cold and dark one,

“You have me on my knees kneeling!”


I start to walk further and further

I feel a piercing dagger making its way in,

Like I’m being murdered


I start to run as fast as I can

I trip over a twig pulling me

I want to be picked up by a van


Then I start to make my way out

I run faster and faster,

And as soon as I do I SHOUT!

Alex M

The way through the woods


I walk in the misty wood,

At seven hours past noon

Tossing and turning around icy trees

I’m expecting some gloom.


The trees with moss on,

Look like some doom

Trudging through the muddy path,

Leaves some shadows from the moon.


When the air is like a freezer,

I see a big black bat

It comes swooping towards me

Almost knocking me flat.

Please Mrs Butler

Today in Literacy we have been looking carefully at the famous Allan Allberg poem, Please Mrs Butler. we looked carefully at the rhyming structure, the four line stanzas and the fact that each line had a similar number of syllables, so that the poem maintained a fast rhythm.

We set ourselves the task of writing our own version. Enjoy reading them below:

Abi P

Please Mrs Butler


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps distracting me Miss

What shall I do?


Go and sit by the wall dear

Go and sit by the door

Go and sit by the window pane

But don’t ask me anymore!


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps pinching and talking to me

What shall I do?


Put some more layers on

Teach him to speak Latin

But whatever you do dear

You really don’t stop chatting!


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps poking me Miss

What shall I do?


Go and hide in the cupboard dear

Poke him back if you wish too

Work under the table, dear

What do you want me to do?



Please Mrs Butler,

This boy Derek Drew,

Keeps on kicking me,

What shall I do?


Sit on the table, dear,

Cycle to France,

Go kick him back, my love,

It’s your only chance!



Please Mrs Butler,

This boy Derek Drew,

Keeps on poking me,

What shall I do?


Go and sit in the basement dear,

Copy him and be a pest,

Try to poke him back my flower,

Do whatever is best.


Please Mrs Butler,

This Boy Derek Drew,

Wont be a brat Miss,

What shall I do?


This is enough now,

You’re just like an elf,

You’re so annoying,

You’re a brat yourself!

Will R

Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps on kicking me

What shall I do?


Go into the toilet

Bring out a nuke

Blow his head off

Now that’s a big fluke.


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Ripped my book up

What should I do?


Run away to India

Hide in the loo

Do what ever you want, my lamb

Do what you ever you want to do.


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps ripping my homework up

What shall I do?


Punch him in the face

Kick him up the bum

Point at him if you like, my love

That’s what I’ve done.


Please Mrs Butler

Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps taking screws out my chair, Miss

What shall I do?


Go and hide in the toilet dear

Go and sit by the door

Go and sit by the window sill

But don’t ask me anymore!


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps sneezing on my work, Miss

What shall I do?


Go and sit by me, dear

Tell him he`s got the flu

Go and sit on the floor

I don’t care what you do!




Please Mrs Butler

Please Mrs Butler

This Boy Derek Drew

Keeps scribbling on my work miss

Whatever shall I do?


Cut it all off dear

Put it in a bun

Hide it in a cap, my lamb

Or go and tell your Mum


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps kicking at my chair, Miss

What ever shall I do?


Take away your chair dear

Go, sit on the floor

Try to kick him back, my love

Just don’t whine any more


Please Mrs Butler

This Boy Derek Drew

Keeps scribbling on my work miss

What ever shall I do?


Look him in the eye dear

Tell him what is right

Scribble on his work, my flower

Even if it takes all night!



Please Mrs Butler

Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps tugging at my hair, Miss

What shall I do?


Chop it all off my darling

Put it in a bun

Hide it in a hat, dear

Or go and tell your mum


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps poking at my eye, Miss

What shall I do?


Put an eye patch over it, dear

Poke it out with your finger

Hide it with your hand

But make sure you don’t linger


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps looking at me funny, Miss

What shall I do?


Hide your eyes with a bandanna, dear

Go and hide behind a door

Stare at him back like he does

Just don’t break the law


Abi E

Please Mrs Butler


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps prodding me under the table, Miss

What should I do?


Go hide in the street, dear

Go stand in the loo

Write to the Governor

Do whatever you must do




Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps on talking to me, Miss

What shall I do?


Go and seat at the back, dear

Close your ears

Cut them out if you like

But make sure you can’t hear


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps on shouting at me, Miss

What shall I do?


Go to the toilet, dear

Where it is quiet

Don’t make a noise

Make sure you don’t cause a riot


Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps  throwing things at me, Miss

What shall I do?


Go outside the playground, dear

Where he can’t throw you a can

Put an armour if you like

Do whatever you can




Today we have been reading limericks in Literacy. We studied the features of a range of limericks. This includes 8 syllables in the first line, lines 1, 2 & 5 rhyming and also lines 3 & 4 rhyming. When we had finished reading some examples, we composed two limericks as a class before creating our own individual limericks.


Class Limericks


There was a Scotsman named Andy

Who adored eating pink candy.

When his teeth began to rot,

He ate a bowl of snot

And washed it down with strong brandy


There once was a man on the moon

Who loved to watch cartoons.

His eyes turned square

And he lost his hair,

And now people think he’s a loon.


Red Group

There was a man with a spoon

Who ate a piece of the moon

Not satisfied with that

He ate his hat

And blew up like a balloon


A farmer, Bill, was an egg man

His wife cracked him open in a bed pan

She scrambled his brains

And sautéed his veins

And used them to build a wigwam

Abi P

Mad Anne

There was a mad women called Anne,

Who drived a bright golden van,

She crashed it twice,

Both weren’t that nice,

And that’s why she’s called Mad Anne.


Baby baboon

There once was a baby baboon

Who wanted to visit the moon

Instead he went to Mars

Ate lots of chocolate bars

Now people say he`s back too soon


Elyse’s Limericks

Mad Pam

There was an old lady called Pam

And her favourite food was ham

She killed a pig

And ate a fig

And fell in love with a lamb


Dead Ned

There was once a boy called Ned

Who never got out of bed

A crow pecked his knee

Which made him flee

And in the morning he was dead.



Can, the silly man

There once was a man called Can,

who hit his head with a frying pan.

so he got a lump,

That he called Mr Bump.

Then went and crashed his red van!



Multi- tasking Bob.

There was a young swimmer called Bob,

He had a very long lob,

At school he was y popular,

He liked to look through binoculars,

But now he is a massive slob.



Jerry, the berry man.

There once was a man called Jerry,

who liked to eat lots of red berries.

So one day he went

To Tesco and spent

His money on all the cherries.



My dog used to be called Spotty

Even if he wasn’t dotty

But one day I said, ‘Wow!’

And he turned into a cow

So now I call him Motty



There once was a dude with blue hair

Who liked his steak extra rare

He ate his fill

Then got a chill

So instead he ate a brown bear



There was a boy called Rooney

Whose favourite actor was George Clooney

He was very dumb

And always drank rum

And that’s why he is a loony

Abi E

There once was a man with a spoon

Who wanted to watch a cartoon

His head went bare

He got a balloon from a fair

And now people think he’s  a loon.





Ancient Greek Non – Chronological Reports: Elias

The Ancient Greek Olympic games

The Olympic Games was a very popular thing in Ancient Greek times,  It all started  in 776BC at Olympia which enabled  men to have fun while getting fit . As a bonus,  They could win cups and medals. It was named after Olympia (where the first games were.) The first Olympic games were in memory of Pelops, a Greek hero, then every four years in honour of Zeus.

Ancient Greek women,

Women weren’t allowed to compete in the Olympic Games, but even married women weren’t even allowed to enter Olympia during the games to cheer them on.  Women had their own Olympic games so they weren’t left out by the men.  It was called Heraia in honour of Hera, Zeus’ wife.  There were three running events for different ages.


When you won bronze, silver or gold you were presented with an olive wreath, palm branches and woollen ribbons and if you were gold you would have a statue in your honour.


It was held in Olympia and there were many buildings for training, worshipping etc.  In total there were nine buildings each were used for individual purposes, not like classrooms that we use for Math and English we use today.  Here is an example of one of the buildings; the palastra was a training temple for sports such as standing long jump and wrestling.


The Olympic Games has been presented for over 2,000 years but doesn’t seem long to us.  The next Olympic Games will be in 2012 and everyone is looking forward to it.

Theseus & the Minotaur – The Dance

This term in dance we have been looking at Theseus and the Minotaur. Each week we have created, practised and evaluated a different part of the dance, then today we put it all together and performed it as a whole.

There are six scenes to the dance:
1) King Aegeus choosing the victims for the Minotaur
2) The journey across the sea to Crete
3) Entering the labyrinth
4) Fighting the Minotaur
5) Exiting the labyrinth and leaving Ariadne on Naxos
6) Returning home and the suicide of Aegeus.

The children worked in four groups:
1) Alex M, Oliver, Alex C, Jack, Josh NB, Elias and Cameron
2) Elyse, Katie, Lily, Kirsten, Charlotte, Susie, Abi E and Abi P
3) Will R, Will C, Will W, James, Ben, Harry, Korban and Jake
4) John, Emma, Madeleine, Lucy, Eve, Josh F, Georgina and Emily

All files can be played with Quicktime

Theseus & the Minotaur Group 1
Theseus & the Minotaur Group 2
Theseus & The Minotaur Group 3
Theseus & the Minotaur Group 4