Extended Stories: Cameron

This is an absolute epic!


The Olympic Objects


By Cameron Hinsley



Chapter 1 – To The Top


Mike Caesar, a gladiator from England who moved to Greece has just beaten his 20th Greek gladiator in a row, with a sword and shield.  He was just about to celebrate when the judge announced who he was going to fight with next.


“James Hunter,” the judge said loudly.  Mike rolled the name around his mouth and knew it was English. Mike had a feeling that he wouldn’t be toying around with his next opponent at all and he’d have to be as serious and powerful as an Olympic athlete.


Mike got to work straight away, he started with developing his muscles with huge weights like 50kg dumb-bells, car pulling and motorbike lifting.  He then practiced his blocking and attacking with his sword and shield by destroying model men in the least strikes he could and having arrows firing at him to block at every angle. After four weeks of preparing he went to the Colosseum to fight.  The crowd cheered but Mike was as nervous as a child starting school.  Carefully, Mike stepped into the battle of his life.


Chapter 2 – The Battle


The first step Mike took filled him with pressure.  This was a once in a lifetime chance to show off his skills.  James stepped in looking as nervous as he guessed he was.  James had a big shield covered in steel and platinum with a sharp sword, probably sharpened by a craftsman.  He also wore a steel breast plate with copper edging.  The rest of the armour was iron coated with aluminium on the outside.  Mike couldn’t see his muscles but he looked pretty strong.  Mike and James met in the middle of the arena and got into position.  Then the battle commenced.


Mike struck forward with his sword immediately but James swiftly ducked and then an uppercut came for his head.  Luckily he held his shield up but the force of the impact made him stagger back.  He lunged at his opponent and sliced James‘s cheek making blood spring from the wound and dribble down his face.  Mike thought he’d weakened James but James rammed into Mike making his own shield slam into his chest wounding him badly.  Whilst he was down, James sliced twice in a row, piercing his skin on both arms.  Blood was trickling down both battlers. For a few seconds nothing moved, and then suddenly they both leapt forward as quickly as a flash and all that could be seen or heard was the clashing, rattling and dodging of the battle in the centre of the arena.


Finally Mike saw his chance and swiped at James’s chest.  Mike’s swipe would have deflected off the armour but it was timed perfectly and at the angle the chest armour was in, there was a tiny hole.  Mike’s sword tip went into this hole and cut at it making the chest armour split open at one side.  Noticing this, Mike sliced the other side of the chest and the amour broke off.  Mike knew the rules, if you stuck your opponent in the chest you won.  Mike wasn’t used to this because he normally pinned his opponent to the ground.  He guessed that it would be easier to win by the chest method but he wasn’t so sure, with a ferocious spirit Mike stuck fourth like a horse racing along on a track and sliced at his opponent at blinding speed.  Unbelievably James back-flipped and landed with a handstand just out of range and then jumped up, boosted forward then brought his sword down forcefully which cut through Mike’s armour.  The force of the impact stunned Mike instantly.  He flinched then fell to the ground in agony, everything went black.


Chapter 3 – A Helping Hand


Mike woke up shattered.  He was leaning against the arena wall unable to move.  James was standing up in the stands alone.  Mike tried to get up but pain shot up his leg then into his chest.  James jumped down from the stands and jogged towards Mike slowing his pace every five steps.  After what seemed like an eternity, James reached Mike and stuck out  his hand to help.  Mike wanted to grab it and heave himself up but he knew his hand was too numb.

“Are you going to grab my hand or not?” James asked impatiently.  Mike hesistated and then grabbed James’s hand and hauled himself up.


“You were the hardest opponent I’ve ever faced” James said.  Mike was surprised.  James had beaten him pretty easily and broken through his armour.


“But you beat me easily” Mike replied.

“I know but you don’t get somebody breaking through the strongest armour in my country every day” James said with a smile.


“You come from England, my old country don’t you?”


“In fact I do” James replied.  James then put his hand out for Mike to shake.  Mike gladly shook it and smiled. 


Suddenly a figure ran into the arena very quickly with a Jamaican t-shirt on and halted right in front on them.


The figure had the number 112 on the back of his t-shirt, his skin was brown and had spikes on his trainers with spiky studs to grip onto running tracks in the Olympics.

“The name’s Bolt”, the figure said hurriedly, “I need to get this over with so we can get going”.  Bolt sounded a bit more scared than before.  The Olympics is ruined, all the gold, silver and bronze medals have disappeared, including the Olympic torch and flame, the Olympic ring flag, the flag of flags, all the country flags and the Olympic stadium” Bolt said out of breath.

“But that’s impossible,” Mike and James both shouted at the top of their voices.


“I know” Bolt replied anxiously.  “They say that the mysterious Olympic objects have disappeared, the best Olympiads every four years get to use them in a once in a life time chance.  We have one clue to where they are from the mad man who apparently stole them himself, but it’s in code.”


Mike looked at the code, PDMRUFDQ VHD LV ZKHUH BOXOO ILQG PH.  “It’s a Caesar shift of 3 code.”  James piped up.

“The letter is 3 letters in front in the alphabet and that means it says “Majorcan sea is where you’ll find me”.

“Very well decoded young man!” Bolt sounded impressed, “So we’ll find his secret lair at the coast of Majorca in the sea”.

“I suppose so”, said James.

“But how are we going to get there?” asked Mike.

“By Dragonfly X, of course” replied Bolt.

“What’s that?” said Mike suspiciously.

“Let’s wait and see,” said James.

“You’ll be in for a surprise,” Bolt finished.


Chapter 4 – The Dragonfly X Unleashed


They reached Bolt’s house.  It was a glamorous design with splashes of gold here and there.   The glass windows were blackout ones and inside looked like it had been derelict for 1000 days and nights on end.


They walked round the back yard and stared in awe.  There was a maze the size of a football pitch, a patio with a bbq and then a peaceful lake with sand around with beach equipment and deckchairs.


“I know it’s what you would all want but this is the Dragonfly,” Bolt said.  He pressed a button on the deckchair next to him a jumped into the lake.  A second later Bolt broke the surface on top of a sleek jet black jet with pinpoint wings, a powerful engine and an aerodynamic front with a luxurious inside.  Bolt slid off the roof of the jet and gestured inside.  There were computers which could access every satellite in space, leather seats that you could change their position, a weapon arsenal and a games area in the back although the games couldn’t be too big.  The controls were simple with a steering wheel, speed and fuel gauges, pedal brake and accelerator.  The jet could go up to speeds of 1000 mph – 10,000 mph and over.


Mike couldn’t speak.  The Dragonfly X was nothing like he thought it would be.  When Mike started to regain his breath they sat down and got ready for takeoff.  Bolt was flying the jet.  James relaxed in his seat and Mike looked like he had seen a ghost but tried to relax.  Bolt fired up the engines and hit the accelerator.  The speed was incredible.  The Dragonfly X tore through the sky and into the clouds.  Bolt suddenly smacked a button down on the control panel (that said dive) and the jet seemed to stop.  But then suddenly it spun in a nose dive downwards approaching the surface of water below at the speed of about 5000 mph.  Mike screamed but no noise came out of his mouth because of the fall.  James and Mike thought they were done for.


Suddenly Bolt put the brake on and pushed the steering wheel inward.  The plane curved up from its nose dive and rose up and stayed at a reasonable level above the surface of the sea and relaxed.  Bolt switched the controls onto autopilot, which kept them on course to the coordinates Bolt typed into the computer system, the coast of Majorca.


“That’s more like it,” Mike said relaxed.  “I thought we were going down”.

“Me too” said James.

“Well this jet is based on speed and luxury.  At the moment we are going at about 3,000 mph but very smoothly,” Bolt said.

“We should get some rest” James replied, yawning.  The three of them sat back and were snoring after three minutes.


Chapter 5 – The Majorcan coast


Mike woke up to see Bolt at the controls.

“I’ve been waiting for you to wake up because we’re here.”  The jet was parked on a beach pier in Majorca.  James woke up a minute after Mike.   Bolt put the camouflage shields up on the Dragonfly X.  They climbed out and stepped onto the beach.


“How do you know we will find the secret lair here?” Mike asked.

“Because this beach is called the Majorcan sea coast and the Majorcan sea is the sea here” James replied.

“So we’ll have to get diving gear on and go into the sea.” Mike sounded happy.

“Yes and the diving gear’s inside the Dragonfly X,” Bolt boasted.


After the three of them had changed, Bolt gave them each a stun gun just in case, and a radio which would communicate with somebody 100 miles away and could be used under water.  The diving suits had bullet proof armour in them and a pen which could turn into a sword and another one was a shield.  After that they jumped into the freezing water and walked until it was deep enough to swim in.


They swam into the coral, dodging the fish as they went.  They came up to a huge cave in the coral that seemed to go on and on.  Bolt ventured inside ahead of the others who were following close behind.  Suddenly in the darkness there was a flash that look electrifying.  As they got closer to the flash a tail sped past them and Bolt recognised what the flash was.  Lots of electric eels.

“Get your stun gun out and press the button of the left arm of your diving suit which will make you electricity proof!” Bolt shouted.  James and Mike did exactly what they were told and followed Bolt closely.  The flashes got closer and closer until the eels came into focus.  They were about 75cm long each and there were about 20 of them swimming in front of a hole just big enough to squeeze through.

“That must be the entrance to the lair” Mike squeaked in fright.  Bolt started to swim up to the electric eels.  Bolt pointed his stun gun at an electric eel and fired.  The yellow beam stuck the eel and it froze.  Suddenly the yellow beam of electricity was sucked into the electric eel and the electric eel and the electric around brightened.  He smiled and fired again this time the beam was sucked into the eel but the electric around it got so powerful it zapped the eel and smoke came out of its skin and the eel fell to the floor.

“Two shots of the stun makes the eel generate too much electricity and overload” James summed up.

“Exactly,” replied Bolt.

“Let’s shoot ‘em,” said Mike happily.


After a minute smoked eels were all over the floor of the seabed.  It was like an eel bbq.  The three of them swam inside the hole and squeezed their way through.  After the tunnel a light appeared above them and they swam to the surface.


Chapter 6 – The Secret Lair code


As they broke the surface they saw that they were still in the cave but it had been adjusted to look like an entrance.  They reached the end of the cave and looked around for a secret switch or lever.

“The door to the secret lair is probably where you lean on a wall and it spins around,” Mike suggested.

“I think it would be a panel hidden somewhere here and you need to type a code into it,” James boasted.

“Well I think it would be both of them” Bolt said, leaning against a cave wall.  Suddenly the wall that he leaned against opened and a metal wall with a panel which had numbers on appeared.

“It looks like I was right.  Now what’s the passcode?” Bolt asked.

“Wait!” Mike shouted.

“You’ve worked it out?” Jamie pleaded.

“No, I got a text from someone.  I don’t know and it says you’ll never know what a code is” Mike replied.

“I think that’s a clue to what the code is,” piped up Bolt.

“If it is that, then what’s the code?” asked Mike.

“It’s 2 0 2 6 3 3,” James said.

“How do you know?” asked Mike yet again.

“Because if you use the text system the mad man was using to send the text, this happens.” James took Mike’s phone and James typed the numbers into the text systems and showed them what it said “A CODE”.


“That’s what the mad man meant about a code then” smiled Bolt.  Bolt typed the numbers into the panel and a loud hiss could be heard.  The wall opened up and inside was a gleaming hallway.  Surprisingly no guards and a sign saying the secret lair.  “I think we should follow the sign but be aware” Bolt said.


As they stepped forward a figure  appeared, about 14 years old, estimated by its height.

“Who are you?” Mike shouted.  The figure got closer and then spoke,

“I am Alex Rider MI6 secret undercover agent” the figure explained.

“Well then are you going to help us save the Olympics?” Bolt asked.

“That’s what I’m counting on,” Alex replied.


When they all reached the end of the passageway there was a door saying secret lair and they entered.





Chapter 7 – Portal Chaos


Inside the door there were nine huge swirling vortex portals and each was a different colour.  There was gold, silver, bronze, red, blue, white, green, black/red,/green/yellow/blue and then rainbow.

“I suggest we each take one portal at a time,” Alex said.

“Each portal might hold one of the missing Olympic things but it might be hard to reach them” Bolt said.

“I agree” said Mike.  “I’ll take the gold one, Alex silver, Bolt bronze and James red.”  Three, two, one and they all jumped into the portals.


Mike screamed as he appeared 10m off the ground and started to fall.  He smashed into the ground creating a human shaped hole.  Mike looked around.  It looked like he was in a cave but when he looked up there was a huge hole in the ceiling and below him was a moat which looked like it had golden lava inside.  Suddenly Mike recognised where he was, inside a volcano with golden lava!  Mike looked around quickly to find a way out but all he could see was a bow and arrow.  On the other side of the lava moat there was a golden target with a tiny red dot in the middle.  Mike knew he had one chance to get out and that the thing he was doing only allowed him one arrow and one chance.  Mike aimed and fired.  The arrow whistle, like a referee’s whistle, hit the outside of the red dot.  Suddenly the golden lava started to rise.  As quick as a flash, Mike got the pen and clicked the end and it turned into a sword and then a door appeared.  He went through the door and on the other side were the golden medals.  Mike touched them and they disappeared.  Behind them was a golden crystal.  This time Mike picked the crystal up and put it in his pocket.  Surprisingly a golden flute appeared in his hand.  He played it gently and a lizard covered in fire came out of a rock and climbed onto Mike’s shoulder and didn’t harm him.  The flute was musical.  Mike walked towards another gold portal and stepped into it.


Meanwhile Alex was swimming around in the sea after falling off a cliff, luckily with diving gear.  He started to go deeper into the seabed and found a huge underwater cliff.  A giant rush of air erupted from inside the cliff.  Alex peered over the edge and saw a huge geyser shaking about ready to erupt hot air which would hurt thousands of fish for miles maybe even if they were too close, kill them.  Alex knew he had to stop the geyser from erupting.  Alex got out his electric rope gadget and tried to squeeze the top of the geyser shut.  The shaking got too powerful and the rope snapped.  Alex remembered the special gadget that MI6 had given him.  It was an object detector.  It could detect the object he needed from 1000 miles away.  He looked at its screen.  It said the object was down 100ft to his left 10m and was a silver colour.  Alex knew that meant that the thing he was looking for was inside the geyser.  He got his bubble shield active and swam to the inside of the geyser.


The heat was incredible.  The rushing of air was terrifying as it got stronger and stronger.  The geyser let out a huge roar of water from deep inside it.  Alex reached the heart of the geyser and saw the silver medals right before him.  He touched them and they disappeared.  He kept swimming and found a silver crystal.  Alex touched it and put it in his pocket.  Suddenly the geyser started to erupt.  Alex swam for his life.  Something amazing happened and power came into Alex’s legs and arms giving him super speed.  In a minute Alex was far away from the geyser with a silver portal in front of him, which he swam into.


Bolt was in the Minotaur labyrinth walking around confused.  He was lost inside it and didn’t know where the Minotaur was.  He was more afraid than he had ever been.  With his sword and shield up he wandered further into the labyrinth.  Suddenly he heard a roar and changed course.  He kept walking forward until he saw a bronze gleam.  The bronze medals.  Suddenly the roar was heard again and the Minotaur came through the passageway opposite him.  He took his position and started circling the Minotaur.  The Minotaur charged at him with quick pace and rammed into him.  Bolt was knocked back into the stone wall, his sword at the Minotaur.  The Minotaur’s horns were as tough as steel and wouldn’t break and his fur was hard as iron.  The Minotaur walked backwards and lifted his horns.  At that moment Bolt saw his weak spot.  There was a patch on his tummy that didn’t have any fur on, just skin.  The Minotaur charged and its horns made contact with his shield breaking through it.  The Minotaur reversed out of the shield and charged again.  This time just before the Minotaur tore him to bits.  He closed his eyes and struck the Minotaur’s weak spot as hard as he could.  The Minotaur fell to the ground and blood spilled on the floor.  Bolt walked up to the bronze crystal.  Bolt grabbed it and put it in his pocket.


The walls of the labyrinth started to crumble and Bolt started to run.  Suddenly a massive chunk of rock fell towards Bolt.  He shielded himself with his arms and the rock hit him it crumbled.  He had super strength.  A bronze portal appeared and Bolt stepped in.


However inside the red portal James was inside the Amazon Jungle searching for a way out.  Suddenly a lizard crawled past.  The lizard was out of the ordinary.  It had razor sharp teeth, claws just like an axe and a tail of a dinosaur.  James immediately knew what this place was.  A jungle equipped with animals with supernatural powers to be dangerous.  He started to run and broke into a sprint.  Unfortunately for him he came up to a river.  The current was extremely strong but what scared him the most were the crocodiles. Their backs were spiky, their tails extra thick, their legs extremely powerful.  These were killer crocs.  James knew there was one way across – crocodile stepping stones.  James stepped onto the first sleeping crocodile and carefully walked across the rest.  He thought he was going to make it when the last crocodile’s eye flicked open and the crocodile wacked him with his tail and he fell into the water.  He drew his sword out of the pen and jumped out of the water gasping for air.  Something spiky came towards him in the water with its mouth open.  Just before the thing (which was a crocodile) reached him he swiped his sword into its mouth and leapt out of the water.  James spotted a red flame and as he came closer saw that it was the Olympic flame.  It vanished as soon as he neared it.  Behind it was a red crystal.  He picked it up and put it in his pocket.  Suddenly a fire appeared in front of him.  All the trees started to burn.  He tried to run but he was frozen in fear.  The fire reached him and he stood there knowing he would die.  Amazingly the fire surrounded him instead of burning him.  He was fireproof. He saw a red portal ahead and ran towards it and jumped in.


He appeared back in the secret lair with Bolt standing next to him.

“Where are the other two?” James asked.

“They went in the green and blue portals to find what’s in there” Bolt said.  A minute later Mike and Alex reappeared.

“No power crystals, just the Olympic stadium,” said Alex.

“Me too, no power crystals just the Olympic torch,” Mike answered.

“Well, now we’re all here should we search the last three portals?” James asked.

“I guess so” Mike replied.  “You and Bolt in the white and me and Alex in the red, black, yellow, blue and green one” Mike finalised.  Each pair jumped into their coloured portal and was ready for what was ahead.


Chapter 8 – A Bit More Difficult


James and Bolt landed in a room with a metal door leading to whatever was beyond it.  James and Bolt opened it to see spike balls hanging from the ceiling, a maze of spikes on the ground and holes in the walls with spikes going in and out of them.  For a few seconds Bolt and James just stood there thinking until Bolt had an idea.  James watched in amazement as Bolt battered the spikes in the maze, bending them and making them harmless.  In a couple of minutes all the spikes were harmless and they made their way through the maze.  At the end of the maze there was a trench.  Suddenly spikes shot up from inside it and kept popping in and out.  This time James had an idea. If he could defend himself from fire could he control it?  It was time to find out.  James circled his hand inwards and pointed into the trench.


Suddenly a line of fire appeared on each side of them heading towards the trench.  Gas escaped from the trench and all that came up was incinerated metal.  The pair walked across it and met with their final challenge.  A huge wall with spikes all over it was blocking the way.  James tried to burn it but he couldn’t and Bolt tried to destroy it but he couldn’t either.  James shot a fireball which accidently hit Bolt.  But instead of burning him it rebounded off his arm and hit the wall making a crack in it.  James and Bolt knew what to do in a split second.  James gathered all his fire power and shot a fireball as big as an elephant at Bolt and Bolt gathered all his energy in his fist and punched the fireball as hard as possible towards the wall.  The fireball shot towards the wall like a bullet.  When the fireball hit the wall it was smashed to smithereens.    Behind the wall was a room with all the different flags painted into it.  Right in the centre was the flag of flags.  James came up to it and held it for a few seconds but it vanished.  Yet again behind it were two white crystals.  The two of them each grabbed one each.  They didn’t know what power it would give them but they kept them in their pockets.  A white portal appeared and they stepped in.


Mike and Alex had appeared in a room with one door, just like James and Bolt.  They opened it carefully and stepped in.  They were surrounded by a series of challenges.  There were swinging axes, then bridges with deep trenches, holes in the walls where arrows came out and finally a stepping stone death puzzle.  The first challenge carefully.  The axes were razor sharp and one cut from them could raise blood in an instant and if in a vital spot could kill you.


Mike was the first to come onto the platform.  Suddenly a brilliant idea struck him like lightning.  He got out his flute and played a low song.  Soon a loud stomping noise was heard.  Suddenly five rhinos came charging in. They had horns on their tail which had become longer.  They had five horns on their head made of iron and steel and was covered in silver plated armour and the rhino dragged down to the follow in a scrap heap.  A second axe came from another position but a rhino turned around and sliced it in half with its horns.  Every other axe was deflected from every angle and in no time at all Mike was past the axes.  The rhinos charged back through the door and left.  There were still ten axes swinging but ten times as fast.  Alex smiled and ran as fast as a rocket dodging every axe by a millimetre.  As quick as you could say his name three times, Alex was past the axes standing next to Mike.  In front of them was a very thin and wobbly bridge leading over a cliff, getting weaker by the second.  Alex simply sprinted across without even touching the bridge at all.  But James had to think.  After a couple of minutes, James decided to play a high tune on the flute and as he did so 20 doves, bigger than usual, with sharp beaks and strong feathers, came gliding through the door.  Mike jumped onto the backs.  The doves flew over the bridge with Mike gently seated onto their backs, and then lowered him down so he could jump off and join Alex.


Alex and Mike had reached the second last challenge.  Mike stepped forward and an arrow fired directly at where he was and luckily he moved back and dodged it just before it hit him.  Alex immediately ran for it, dodging this way and that.  Arrows fired at him from every angle.  Alex thought he was going to make it when pain shot up his leg as an arrow stuck into it and he tumbled past the danger.  Mike knew he had to help his friend but how?  Amazingly a phoenix the size of a fully grown golden eagle swooped in and Mike jumped on its back.  Arrows fired at Mike and the phoenix but with an outrageous scream the heat of the fire around the phoenix melted everything.  When Mike reached Alex he jumped off the phoenix’s back and knelt next to Alex’s leg.  Slowly and gently Mike pulled the arrow out of Alex’s leg and blood erupted from the cut.  Quickly the phoenix came down and breathed magical healing fire over the cut.  In a few seconds that cut had closed up and disappeared from sight.  After that the phoenix left and went out through the door.


There was one more challenge to face.  All over the floor spread out were stepping stones with letters on.  There were booby-traps everywhere and the end of the room sealed up.  A picture of the Olympic rings was on the wall.  “Of course, we need to spell the word Olympic rings making no mistake” Alex said cleverly.  Alex walked onto the letter O and then got Mike on the same square as him.  Using his super speed Alex swung Mike and threw him onto the L.  Then Mike got a super kangaroo to carry Alex in its pouch in one jump over to the Y.  This routine kept on going until they had spelt Olympic rings but the last two letters were miles away from each other.  Alex ran faster than a tornado, not touching any letters, just hovering over them until he got to the G in rings and waited for Mike to make his move.  Mike called upon a snow leopard instead of a kangaroo because the kangaroo couldn’t jump far enough, and climbed onto its back.  It leapt onto the S and the wall opened up revealing a door and the letters in the floor disappeared.  Mike climbed off the snow leopard and followed Alex to the door.  They went through it.  On the other side was the Olympic rings flag.  Alex and Mike held it for a few seconds and it vanished.  Behind it were two red, black, blue, green and yellow power crystals.  They each picked one up and put it in their pockets.  A red, black, blue, green and yellow portal appeared and they jumped onto it.


Chapter 9: The Rainbow Portal


Alex and Mike reappeared in front of James and Bolt.

“I guess there’s only one portal left” Mike said calmly.

“Yep, and it’s going to be the toughest one to survive in so we need to stick together” Bolt strictly said.  The four of them slipped into the rainbow portal with confidence and got swallowed inside it.


They were in a room which was spinning around with no walls, just a magnetic forcefield.  At that moment Alex thought about himself defeating a snake (his worst fear) to calm himself down.  Like the room had read his mind the room spun and the next time they looked they looked they were in a jungle with a circle in front of them, where there grew no vegetation.   Suddenly Titanaboa (the biggest snake that ever lived) in full form with skin and a body the size of a bus or longer, came slithering out of the trees and started coming towards them.  Alex knew what had happened.  The room had made his fear come alive.


“Don’t think of anything scary or the room will make it come alive!” Alex shouted over the hissing sound.  Mike was about to not think about anything but then he remembered a Beast Quest book he had read where the beast had fought any animals in its territory.  Mike thought of Elec the lightning horror.  Suddenly another snake appeared but this time electric crackling around it.  Elec was just as big as well.  Getting close to Titanaboa, Elec fire an arrow of lightning at Titanaboa but it wasn’t strong enough so it hit Titanaboa and it rebounded off its skin.  The lightning arrow was heading towards James and Bolt.  The lightning arrow didn’t get anywhere near them.  Bolt and James shielded themselves and the lightning arrow fell harmlessly onto the floor after bouching off a lightning shield around them.  James and Bolt each joined together and hit Elec.  Elec’s eyes lit up and she screeched.  Elec came up to Titanaboa and blasted an outstanding lightning blast at Titanaboa’s mouth.  In a few seconds the bolt came out the Titanaboa’s tail and it lay there dead.


They thought their troubles were over when the trees started to disappear in a neat row heading towards the circle.  When it reached them a spiky tail popped off the ground with a 360 degree rotation.  A second later the floor beneath them started to rumble and they stepped back.  Out of the ground came a T-Rex with horns on its head, spikes all over its back, sharp teeth and skin like steel and every other metal protecting its body.  The T-Rex spotted them and ran forward.  Bolt threw James out of the way.  Mike called a cheetah, Alex ran and Bolt defended the huge strike with all his power.  The T-Rex hit them and rebounded back to the edge of the circle.  Mike knew he had seen the same sort of armour a couple of days ago but where?  Then he remembered his fight with James, where he’d found a hole in his armour and cut it open.  Maybe he could do it with the T-Rex?  He stood still and took out some meat he had found from Titanaboa. The T-Rex smelt it instantly.  It shifted to face Mike and started to charge.  Bolt saw the T-Rex charge at Mike and dived forward but couldn’t reach him.  Mike threw the meat right before the T-Rex hit him and when it turned to go for the meat, Mike caught a glimpse of a hole in the armour.  Once the T-Rex had eaten the meat, it turned back to Mike.  This time Mike ran up to the T-Rex and jumped near its underbelly, got out his sword and swiped sideways.  The armour came right off and the place underneath was covered by no skin.  The T-Rex was so furious it raced at Mike but Mike ducked and jumped up and rammed his sword into its weak spot.  The T-Rex roared in pain and lunged for Mike but before Mike got crushed it froze and collapsed on the ground dead.  The T-Rex exploded and all that was left of it were four rainbow power crystals. The room went back to normal and a door appeared.  They picked up the power crystals and went through it.


Chapter 10: Finally the Mad Man


The room they entered was buzzing with computer screens and all sorts of high-tech equipment but in front of the biggest screen was a chair with somebody in.  The chair spun around and a middle thirties figures was facing them.  He had blue eyes, straight cut hair and was quite tall.

“I’m Guy Butler” said the tall figure.  “But you can call my Guy for short.  I see you made it through my vortex portals of creativity that I made myself!” Guy Butler boasted.  Everybody was amazed.  Guy Butler had created the most outstanding thing in history.  “You may have retrieved a lot but I have the last thing”.  Guy opened a door and showed them all the worldwide flags in a huge cage, with a force field around it.  James saw a big red button saying self-destruct.  James whispered to Mike and Mike nodded.  They had a plan.


Mike played his flute and pigeons flew in and circled Guy.  While Guy was trying to get the pigeons away from him, James hit the self-destruct button and a voice said, “Self-destruct in one minute”.

“What have you done, we’ll never make it out in time,” Guy said.

“We’ll get out but you won’t” James shouted at Guy.  James grabbed Alex and Alex whizzed out with him in seconds.  Bolt smashed the cage open and the flags vanished.  Then Mike got on a half elephant and half cheetah.  Bolt climbed on it too and they rushed out as quickly as possible.  Just as Mike and Bolt came out of the secret lair, the lair started to crumble and smashed to the ground.  The Olympics had been saved.


Chapter 11: The Olympics 


Two days later an invitation arrived at Mike’s door inviting him to the Olympic Games.  A week after that Mike arrived at the Olympic Games with James, Bolt and Alex.  Both James and Alex had also received a letter and expected to be led to the stands. Bolt was already in the Olympics to race.  When they arrived they in expectantly got asked to get changed into sports clothes.  They did and then they were led to the 100 metre starting position and were apparently taking part in the final race.  The gun was fired and they all started with an amazingly reactive start and carried on with the race of the century…

Stomp Rockets

This term Class AS have been working on creating rockets in DT with Mrs Horrocks. Firstly they made designs and tested paper rockets. Then they moved onto the design process for the fully fledged stomp rockets which are powered by air forced out of a bottle and up a tube. The children formed into teams which competed against each other to see which rocket could travel the furthest distance. Design and angle of launch became particularly important. The winning team comprised Oliver, Alex C, Alex M, Josh NB, Cameron & James. Photos and a brief bit of film can be seen below.

Stomp Rockets


A Tanka is a 31 syllable poem from Japan. It has a syllabic structure of 5,7,5,7,7. We studied several examples before deciding to write our own. The children worked in groups and showed considerable skill in adapting to this new form of poetry. There are several great examples for you to read..



Despair is darkness

Bullying you on purpose

Chaos it creates

Fighting back is the true way

Destroying you bit by bit




A beautiful dream.

That is what it has to be.

Flying is amazing.

I would like to fly forever.

This has to be a lovely dream.



I am in the air

Not sure what I am doing

Feeling scared but safe

Stuck in a magical world

Filled with the best surprises




Don’t know what to do

The cuts of sadness don’t heal

Engulfed in blackness

I feel as if I’ve been drained

I dream of nothing but evil




A bad feeling sinks

Stains my heart with dark despair

Bad news runs through me

Like an old electric wire

That sticking feeling, despair.




Poetry – The Woods

This week in literacy we have been looking at a a range of poems about woods, all with different rhyming patterns. We have also investigated simile, metaphor, alliteration and assonance, personification and onomatopoeia.

We gathered together a stockpot of words, then we drafted poems and checked them with our response partners before producing the final poems. Here’s the first few with more to follow.


Dark Woods

I stumble through the darkening forest

Mist lingers in the eerie gloom

Shadows watch my every foot step

Cast down by the ghostly full moon


I feel my heart pounding in my chest

Gnarled roots block my every path

Silence pins me down like daggers

Encouraged by a monstrous laugh


Tall trees tower above me

Like long crooked hands

Creaking in the howling wind

Giants from faraway lands.



The Wood

I walk through the wood in a breeze

The frost biting my fingers

With freezing achy knees.


The creepy shadows chasing me

I scream and scream but no one can hear

I sand a still as a statue but I want to flee.


Scaring myself half to death

My heart pounding furiously

Trying to catch my breath.


I walk through a forbidden area

I step on a twig, CRACK!

The foul owl is just making it scarier.



Walking through the wood


I stagger through the foggy wood

Not able to see through the pitch black night

I’m longing to be snuggled in my bed

Than having this horrible fright


The towering trees are odd figures

Reaching out to hold me back

Dark shadows follow my every move

Trying to push me off the track.


Snap, creak, there’s something near

I don’t dare to look behind me

An awful stench fills my nose with coal

Right now I feel like I want to flee.


The moon above me gives me an icy glare

Just like it thinks I’m bad

Terrible trenches lie ahead

Right now I don’t feel like being sad.

Will R

The Woods.

Walking through the wood at night

The eerie trees watch me

Giving me a fright.


It’s like walking through a ghost town

Every step is like a bomb going off

I’m only in my gown.


Crick crack as I go over the bridge

I hope it doesn’t break

It is as cold as a fridge.



The way through the woods

I walk through the creepy trees

And branches try to grab me

And things doing evil deeds

It is as if I’m blind, but they can see


Something claps,

I spin around

I see nothing, not even some trees

And I can’t hear a sound


Horrid hands hold my hair,

I look to see,

And as I do, my T-Shirt tears

But it is just a tree.


The awful noises make me scream

I fall to the ground

I want it to be a dream,

And I cower as the noises pound



The Wood Poem.

I’m in a freaky forest, trees are trying to grab me,

The leaves are crunching on the ground,

As quiet as ants swiftly striding,

I am nowhere to be found.


I tiptoe carefully across the mulching muddy floor,

Doom has caught me in a sack,

As scary as a clown in a circus,

It has all turned pitch BLACK!


Bushes rustle like they are alive!

The moon has a funnily luminous light,

Twigs explode like deadly dynamite, BANG!

I am bound to get a fright…………………….(cliffhanger)


The Wood

As I walk along the forest path

The night closes around me

Mysterious eyes watching every step I take

Shadows dashing in between trees


The wind howls like a wolf

And fear makes you want to flee

Hearing sounds that give me a fright

And the frost bites my knees


I stumble out the woods

Running as quick as I can

Terrified to look back

Not having any time to think of a plan


The Dark Woods

Stumbling through the shadows of the Dark Woods

The moon tries to show me the path

But the trees cover me, a gnarled hood


The eerie trees are too spine-chilling

So I look to the skies, as dark as coal,

I think that this could be a movie, quite thrilling


I know I cannot linger

Surrounded by the terrible trees

With the frost eating me away, finger by frozen finger


The trees creaking in the darkness

I creep through the clearing leaves rustling under my feet

With eyes staring out at me, heartless

Will W

The way through the woods

I walk along the dirty path

In the woods at night

The freaky trees are coming closer

Which give me a fright.


The icy wind freezes my fingers

And also my toes

The foul owl is sitting silently

Now the frost is freezing my nose.


The creepy creatures are casting shadows

I can now hear a crunch

But I want to go home now



The dark Woods

I run alone in the damaged road

I scuttle under a tree like mice

Every step crunching twigs

My hands are cold as ice.


Scratch, squeal, beware the bats

I swim in a river like when I go to the Taro

The crack crackling as dead trees fall

And foxes go to their burrows.


The swaying trees stalk me

And shadows are in shapes like oblongs

The thorns prickle me

As I stroll along.



The wood

Frozen darkness with eyes of despair

Surrounding you from every direction

Picking on you with sharp spiky thorns

Choosing you for an ominous election


Trees throwing down twigs of dynamite

Flowers planting mines instead of seeds

A snake covered path for you to follow

Getting you to do dark deeds


Hide yourself under some shadows

Shadows grab you like shadow covered quick sand

Getting dragged down to your dark death

Waiting for a good shadow to give you a hand


There’s no way out of this dark wood

It’s dreaded hands blocking all ways out

Trees that look at you with fiery eyes

The dark wood dark and dead without a doubt


It’s a never ending path like walking around a dark world



The wood

As I enter my way

Through the dark and misty wood

I hear the haunting sway


I start to get an unknown feeling

The cold and dark one,

“You have me on my knees kneeling!”


I start to walk further and further

I feel a piercing dagger making its way in,

Like I’m being murdered


I start to run as fast as I can

I trip over a twig pulling me

I want to be picked up by a van


Then I start to make my way out

I run faster and faster,

And as soon as I do I SHOUT!

Alex M

The way through the woods


I walk in the misty wood,

At seven hours past noon

Tossing and turning around icy trees

I’m expecting some gloom.


The trees with moss on,

Look like some doom

Trudging through the muddy path,

Leaves some shadows from the moon.


When the air is like a freezer,

I see a big black bat

It comes swooping towards me

Almost knocking me flat.

Ancient Greek Non – Chronological Report: Cameron

The Ancient Olympic Games

The Olympic Games started in Ancient Greece in 776Bc and were decided to be held every four years. The Olympics were meant to get fitness and health levels high as they could for the condition of war and in honour of the king god Zeus. The Olympic Games were held in Olympia because Olympia was a city and was one of the cities with 9 important buildings one of them was the temple of Zeus.



In Ancient Greece men were naked at the Olympic Games this used to amuse most children and made them watch the Olympics more often. Their was said to be a story about why the Greeks were naked in the Olympics and it was about a widow called Callipatira that went to the Olympics to join in with the events with her son, husband and brothers. When her son one she was overjoyed and the disguise that she was wearing fell of. The penalty was death but because her son, husband and brothers all won their events she survived. From then on the rules were changed to be naked so they could spot any women. This was why in the Olympics you had to be naked.



Olympia was the site sacred to the god Zeus. In Olympia there were 9 important buildings, these were places like the temple of Zeus, the temple of Hera and other places like treasuries and offices. The Olympic Games were held in Olympia every 4 years and were the oldest games in Ancient Greece but were still very popular.




Women were officially of limits to the Olympics and were only aloud to watch, but if you were married you weren’t aloud anywhere near the Olympics and had to go more than a certain distance away. The women decided to have a festival of there own called the Heraia. This was held every 4 years at the time of the Olympics and included 3 running events depending on your age, this was in the Honour of the queen goddess Hera.





There were 6 events in the Olympic Games (some of these 6 events were not included in the Olympics today and some of them are still here today). Running was one of the most popular events there were 3 races that you had to compete in. The first race was were you did 1 length of the track and was called the stade, the next race took more effort and was where you had to 2 lengths of the track and was called the diaulos, finally the last race took the most effort and you did 20 to 24 lengths of the track and was called the dolichos. In some of these races you would wear armour and a shield for extra weight and made it more difficult. Wrestling was popular as well and was an exiting event. The event went on until somebody gave up out of the 2 that were playing the match so it took a long time for a match to finish this event took lots of strength and stamina to win and was really tough event. The Pentathlon was the most difficult event and was where you took part in a series of mini events, running, wrestling, javelin, jumping and discuss. The Pentathlon was designed to find the best all round athlete and was a very tough challenge. Boxing was an event that went up to taking several hours and ended when 1 of the 2 contestants was knocked unconscious or gave up. It was similar to wrestling and also needed strength and stamina to succeed. Chariot racing was when you got pulled by 4 horses in a cart or you could go in a team of 2 each with 2 horses, collisions were common and normally happened at corners. Horse racing was a quick event and was when you were on a horse going round a track of about 1200m, if you fell of you could get serious injuries.



This report should have told you about 4 things to do about the Olympics in Ancient Greece, a very interesting thing, and should have expressed your knowledge about it.