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Extended Stories: Cameron

This is an absolute epic!   The Olympic Objects   By Cameron Hinsley     Chapter 1 – To The Top   Mike Caesar, a gladiator from England who moved to Greece has just beaten his 20th Greek gladiator in … Continue reading

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Stomp Rockets

This term Class AS have been working on creating rockets in DT with Mrs Horrocks. Firstly they made designs and tested paper rockets. Then they moved onto the design process for the fully fledged stomp rockets which are powered by … Continue reading

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More John Akii – Bua News Reports

Here’s the second batch of newspaper reports. John Akii Bua Josh NB John Akii Bua Newspaper Cameron John Akii Bua Newspaper Jack John Akii Bua Newspaper Charlotte John Akii Bua Newspaper Ben John Akii Bua Newspaper Oliver

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A Tanka is a 31 syllable poem from Japan. It has a syllabic structure of 5,7,5,7,7. We studied several examples before deciding to write our own. The children worked in groups and showed considerable skill in adapting to this new … Continue reading

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Poetry – The Woods

This week in literacy we have been looking at a a range of poems about woods, all with different rhyming patterns. We have also investigated simile, metaphor, alliteration and assonance, personification and onomatopoeia. We gathered together a stockpot of words, … Continue reading

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Ancient Greek Non – Chronological Report: Cameron

The Ancient Olympic Games The Olympic Games started in Ancient Greece in 776Bc and were decided to be held every four years. The Olympics were meant to get fitness and health levels high as they could for the condition of … Continue reading

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