Day 3 and some lovely art from Isaac

Yesterday Mr Stanley completed tidying up his cupboard and also audited some Year 6 history resources. A final bit of clearing up today and then some serious paperwork starts.

The cupboard is now tidy. It only took two days!

Far more importantly, thank you for your emails and work which you have been sharing. Yesterday Isaac emailed in his fantastic drawing of a tortoise. Check it out below!

Isaac’s tortoise

African Printing

In art, Rowan Class have been looking at African patterns as we are learning about Uganda. The first thing we did was practise printing, as most of us didn’t know how to do this. We got into groups and worked on how to print different patterns. We had to roll acrylic paint on a palette until it was nice and thick and then we had to roll it on to a polystyrene tile on which we had created a design. The next step was to place the tile on black paper and push it down.

After that, we looked at different African patterns. We researched the patterns at home and brought in some examples to discuss which patterns would be best for our final design. We created an African design in our art books and traced it on to tracing paper, which was then put on to a new polystyrene tile. With a sharp pencil, we dug out the polystyrene on the design lines so it was deep enough. Once this was completed we created a pattern using several tiles on paper before repeating the process on fabric. We left the fabric to dry and in the coming weeks they will be turned in to wall hangings.



Perspective in art


The children of Class AS were lucky to be working with Mrs Horrocks in art this week. In Thursday’s lesson the children learnt how to paint a mountain scene with perspective. They have all included a path that starts as a pin-prick at the horizon, flowing down through the mountain range finishing as a close up in the foreground of the painting.  Beautiful pictures have been painted by all the children, showing different mixes of colours for the background, middle ground and foreground.


A few of these paintings can be seen below: