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Points of view: Wilf Wolf & Scarlet Hood Letters – Archie C, Rupert, Archie S, Sophie & Tom

Dear Scarlet Hood, I am writing to you to explain how you have wasted my afternoon by making me go to court. You could have just listened to me and none of this would have happened. Never accuse a wolf … Continue reading

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Red Nose Day Bake Off

What an amazing day in Class AS. There were 14 entries in the Red Nose Day Bake off Challenge and the standard was incredibly high. While Mr Stanley and Mrs Moore walked around drooling, the children had the difficult task of selecting … Continue reading

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Archie S’ Playscript

Scene 3-The Defence Characters: Wilf Wolf, Gran, Granddad, Mr Freeman, Judge, Person1,2,3. (after the outburst from Woodcutter) Judge Mr Freeman what do you have to say on the matter Mr Freeman Well I think this is a waste of everybody’s … Continue reading

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Conservation Reports

One of the things that Mr Stanley became very aware of during his trip to Uganda was how well Ugandans conserve their resources. With this in mind Class AS carried out a survey of the school and produced a list … Continue reading

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Accident Reports – Archie S

Date of accident 15/5/12                                                                                              Time of accident 10:55 What happened: I was walking to the shops in Liss when I heard a roaring sound. Suddenly a big bright green car came speeding round the corner. The driver was clearly not … Continue reading

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Secret Garden Passages – Archie S

The Secret Garden Several hours later there was a knock on Colin’s door “Come in,” Colin said wearily. Emily the housemaid entered the room. “Somebody would like to see you Colin,” said Emily “Let them in then,” said Colin. Mary … Continue reading

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