Citizenship Week – Sports Posters

With recent figures showing that adult participation in sport has actually dropped since the London Olympics, we decide to create posters to advertise the benefits of various sports. Here are some of the best.

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Henry & Rupert

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Finn & Charlie

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Sam W & Archie C

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Jasmine & Kayleigh

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Molly & Penny

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Isobel & Mahima

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Amelia & Olivia


Raps – Archie C


I got a new toy bear

I named him Wilfy

But when I left him outside

He got really filthy


When I brought him in da house

I put him on the table

But my dog came along

And chewed off his label


The day after dat

I put him on my bed

But when I got back

Mum swapped him with a ted


I shouted out ‘MUM!

Where did he go?’

She just replied

‘Uh, I don’t know’

Storming down running

I got really mad

She lost Wilfy forever

So I smashed her iPad


Mum screamed ‘STOP!

Sit over there.

If it means so much

I’ll get your old bear!’



Points of view: Wilf Wolf & Scarlet Hood Letters – Archie C, Rupert, Archie S, Sophie & Tom

Dear Scarlet Hood,

I am writing to you to explain how you have wasted my afternoon by making me go to court. You could have just listened to me and none of this would have happened. Never accuse a wolf for something they didn’t do; I am a wolf and I most definitely do not eat old granny’s however ugly they may be.

Next time you order a pizza I’ll give you a “special” extra topping. If you make me go to court again I will go mental. I am sorry that you didn’t find me guilty but the truth will always be right and in this case the truth is wolves know best.

Also I am starting a new destruction company which includes £1,000,000 worth of TNT so don’t make me angry or you’ll be going down with a bang! I will be informing your granny that you have blamed me for what I didn’t do so you will also be grounded.

I would finally like to say that you are a total waste of time and nobody likes you. I believe you should be extremely ashamed of your self.

You’re sincerely

Wilf Wolf

Red Nose Day Bake Off

What an amazing day in Class AS. There were 14 entries in the Red Nose Day Bake off Challenge and the standard was incredibly high. While Mr Stanley and Mrs Moore walked around drooling, the children had the difficult task of selecting two cakes to go forward into the school final. After a very close vote the red nose cakes of Archie Stevens and Archie Cains were chosen to represent the class. Congratulations to Archie Cains whose cake was voted the runner up in the Upper School by the discerning duo of Mrs Smith and Mrs Brown.


Finally, a massive ‘Thank You’ to all the parents for their help and support in producing all the wonderful cakes that will make money for charity.

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Archie C’s playscript

Lo:-I can write a play script

Scene3-the defence

Characters: Wilf Wolf, Mr Freeman, Judge, persons1,2,3



Silence in court! (turning to Mr Freeman)Mr Freeman would you like to call your first witness.

Mr Freeman

Thank you your honour (turning to jury). I would like to call Wilf Wolf to the stand (courtroom gasps).

Wilf Wolf

(chavvy voice) Tanks mate, I was delivering Granny Mays K.F.C, with extra ketchup…


(interrupting) Ha.


I bet he’s going to blame the ketchup for the blood.


I bid £5.00 on that wolf rug

Wilf Wolf

(Getting back to the point) I delivered the chicken drum sticks but Granny May wanted me to cut it up.

Mr Freeman

So did you cut it up?

Wilf Wolf

Yeh but you see I was kind of wondering why would you cut up chicken drum sticks, anyways with paws its hard to cut stuff so I made a big mess,  it went all over the walls.

Person 1

(whispering) He’s lying.


I call guilty.


I like bananas.

Mr Freeman

So why did you sleep in her bed?

Wilf Wolf

(embarrassed) Well you see I forgot to tell you I was about to close up for the night but I suddenly got a call from Granny May at about midnight so I was really tired, and that’s why I went to bed.

Mr Freeman

(Walking over to Wilf Wolf) why didn’t you go home.

Wilf Wolf

Cause I live like half an hour away and I don’t have a car.

Mr Freeman

(confused) So why did you go there in the first place.

Wilf Wolf

Cos I’m nice unlike you court people blaming me for what I didn’t do.


(Slamming down his hammer) silence in court. I declare Wilf Wolf innocent.

Secret Garden Passages – Archie C

Mary strode out of the room But Emily stopped her.

“Where do you think you’re going” Emily tutted angrily. “Don’t you think I didn’t hear any of that?”

“He is so imbecilic though,” Mary sighed furiously.

“I know you find him annoying but if I tell your father you will be slated,” Emily mentioned sadly.

“Ok I will apologise,” Mary moaned.

Mary walked into the room with an unhappy temper.

“I’m sorry,” Mary apologised sadly.

“I’m sorry too. That you’re my sister.”

Mary stomped out of the room ferociously,

“I hate you,” Mary shouted back ravenously.

Unfortunately there was a new maid, Elizabeth, she was very strict.

“Stop right there young lady,” Elizabeth shouted so everyone in the house could hear.

“I get paid to keep you two calm, so you’re not going to shout!” Elizabeth thundered menacingly.

“I’m sorry,” whimpered Mary

“Well sorry’s not good enough,” yelled Elizabeth.

Mary ran past Elizabeth into the garden to find Dickon waiting for something. Mary asked what he was doing,

He explained,

“Aye be waiting for th argue to stop, aye heard all that gum.”

“Yeah sorry about that,” Mary mumbled.

“it’s ok aye know it was Colin,” Dickon mentioned.

“He’s so annoying and he treats me like a slave,” Mary moaned.

Dickon walked up to Mary.

“Don’t worry aye cheer ye up soon.”