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Macbeth: Recounts from the meeting with the witches – Andrew N

L.O: I can write a recount about the meeting with the witches from the point of view of Banquo.   Macbeth and I triumphantly paced away from the scene of blood and guts. The view was unbearable. It was rapidly … Continue reading

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Lady Macbeth’s final letter – Andrew N

Dunsinane Castle   My greatest love, I am writing to you as I await my final moments of life. I have decided that before I die I would like to apologise for all of the sins that I have wrongly … Continue reading

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Witches’ Spells – Andrew N

Macbeth spell   Double double toil and trouble Fire burn and cauldron bubble   Leg of an old rotten deer The whole of an old man’s ear, Eye of some foul beast Broken tooth, from a feast Thread of ogre’s … Continue reading

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Responses to Music – Mars by Gustav Holst

Yesterday we began a new music topic. We listened to a piece of music by Gustav Holst, but the children didn’t know the title. They were given instructions to draw what they heard. Many of the children’s drawings involved battle … Continue reading

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Persuasive letters related to The School We’d like – Andrew N

This week the children have been writing persuasive letters to Mr Burford trying to convince him that their ideas to improve the school are the best. We discussed the features of a persuasive letter and highlighted the importance of a … Continue reading

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