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Leitmotifs for Ancient Greek Gods & Goddesses

Following on from our work earlier in the term where we looked at the leitmotifs of the Roman Gods as composed by Holst, we used this as inspiration for creating our own leitmotifs for an Ancient Greek god or goddess. … Continue reading

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Watts Gallery Visit

On Tuesday Class AS were the first class from Liss Junior School to visit Watts Gallery in Compton near Guildford. When the class arrived they were met by Lauren, our guide for the day. She told the children all about … Continue reading

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The Role of Women in Ancient Greek Society – Abi S

Women in Ancient Greece The rich women of Greece are very easy to pick out on pots because they are usually dressed in flowing garments and they have lots of jewellery on. They usually did not leave the house. We … Continue reading

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The Role of Women in Ancient Greek Society – Andrew N

In history this term we have been looking at Ancient Greek pots to deduce evidence of the lives of men and women in Ancient Greek times. The children looked at a range of photos of pots and written sources of … Continue reading

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Greek style myths – Oliver B

Lo- I can write a myth Dardanos trudged home miserably, kicking aside a stick.  Another day hunting and only one cow caught. Of course, he knew why this was. All of the animals had been scared of by the Gorog, … Continue reading

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Ancient Greek PowerPoints

Last term we finished off our Greek topic by creating Powerpoints on an aspect of Ancient Greek life. Although the topic was history the main focus was on making sure we could apply PowerPoint features successfully such as slide and … Continue reading

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