Amelie’s Lady of Shalott monologue

In English we have been writing a monologue from the point of view of the Lady of Shalott. We placed ourselves in her situation when she is distracted from her weaving by Sir Lancelot. Amelie’s piece successfully captures the tension between her heart and her head.


What we would like the world to look like.

We find ourselves back at school in unique circumstances. Arguably, the last time the UK faced a crisis like this was the Second World War, and at the end of the war the British people voted for change by electing a radical Labour government which established the modern welfare state including the NHS. We used this and a cartoon from VE Day as a basis for discussion on what we would like the world to look like when it emerges from the Covid – 19 pandemic. The children had some very strong views, some of which are shown below:


Oli G


Amelie L


James S

Amelie’s science experiment

The science experiments that were part of our latest home learning pack appear to be very popular. Amelie carried out the experiment to measure the capacity of her lungs.

” We really enjoyed the science experiment to measure lung capacity. We were amazed that Amelie’s lungs contain more than a litre of air. We now need to find more equipment as our straw has broken and our bottle isn’t big enough.We have also measured heart rate before and after exercise and found Amelie’s to be 72 beats per minute at rest and 88 beats per minute after jumping on the trampoline. “

Well done Amelie and to Mrs Leduc for helping out!