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CSI Liss – Newspaper reports begin emerging

Following news earlier in the week of an investigation into what seemed like an elaborate hoax in the music and drama room, the reporters from Rowan Class have been busy submitting copy to their editor. The first two articles cast … Continue reading

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Extended stories: Alex M

Gold! Chapter 1 Shock! One summer day in 2052 a boy named Zack was training in the gym.  He was 24.  He timed himself how long it took to run around the local field once.  He was training for the … Continue reading

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Stomp Rockets

This term Class AS have been working on creating rockets in DT with Mrs Horrocks. Firstly they made designs and tested paper rockets. Then they moved onto the design process for the fully fledged stomp rockets which are powered by … Continue reading

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Egyptian Mummification

Over the past two weeks Year 5 have been looking at burial rites for the Ancient Egyptians. We discussed mummification and sequenced the process. After that we created our own reports explaining the process. Some are available to download below. … Continue reading

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Olympic Fortnight – Poetry

Olympic Fortnight started yesterday with an opening ceremony in which a torch was brought into the hall. Elyse was the torch-bearer for Class AS. Today the children have worked on creating their own Olympic poems. The children were given complete freedom to … Continue reading

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Poetry – The Woods

This week in literacy we have been looking at a a range of poems about woods, all with different rhyming patterns. We have also investigated simile, metaphor, alliteration and assonance, personification and onomatopoeia. We gathered together a stockpot of words, … Continue reading

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