Izzy’s giant sunflower

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a photo of Izzy’s sunflower on this very blog. At that time it was as tall as her. Now the sunflower is taller than everyone in her family and has flowered as you an see in the photo. Well done Izzy!

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Under the sea artwork

Yesterday and today the Kraken bubble have been working with Mrs Wakeford on some under the sea art. They used birthday candles, salt and watercolour paint to produce some beautiful scenes which are now displayed on our classroom wall for everyone to see.

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Holes: Chapters 46 – 47

Holes Chapter 46
Holes Chapter 47
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Making Bubble Wands

The Kraken Bubble from Rowan Class took part in some special science this afternoon making bubble wands and then testing them with different types of bubble solution.

Firstly, Mr Stanley cut some spare willow and each pupil was given two similar sized sticks. They screwed an eyelet into the end of each stick and then attached a short piece of string between the eyelets. Next, a longer piece of string was attached to the shorter pieces of string at both ends with a washer threaded through it to give it a little weight.

Our next task was to make the bubble solution. The recipe we were given was to have a ratio of 4:1 water to fairy liquid and then to add 4 teaspoons of glycerin. Glycerin helps to give the bubbles some strength. We made a second solution, this time with a ratio of 3:2 water to fairy liquid and then doubled the amount of glycerin.

At this point the children tested their wands and found that they worked well. They discovered that the second solution worked best as it created ‘heavy’ bubbles that took a while to burst while the bubbles in the first solution didn’t last long. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed this fun learning.

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What we would like the world to look like.

We find ourselves back at school in unique circumstances. Arguably, the last time the UK faced a crisis like this was the Second World War, and at the end of the war the British people voted for change by electing a radical Labour government which established the modern welfare state including the NHS. We used this and a cartoon from VE Day as a basis for discussion on what we would like the world to look like when it emerges from the Covid – 19 pandemic. The children had some very strong views, some of which are shown below:


Oli G


Amelie L


James S

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Marcia’s evacuee diary

Marcia has sent in her home learning – an evacuee diary that she wrote for VE Day 75 celebrations. You can read her wonderful writing below:


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