How to play Hoopball/ Hoop Football

The restrictions placed on social interaction due to lockdown haven’t deterred the pupils from having lots of fun. The Kraken bubble have put their creative energies into a brand new game: Hoopball or Hoop Football. Here’s Lucy’s guide on how to play.


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Marcia’s Rashomon

Marcia has been working very hard at home on her Lady of Shalott rashomon. Read below to see her character’s viewpoints of the death of the lady.


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Lady of Shalott Rashomons

In English, the Kraken bubble has been looking at the end of the Lady of Shalott poem. We decided to write about the scene from the point of view of four bystanders. With this in mind we created rashomons where each participant gives his or her view of the situation. The pupils had a lot of fun with shifts in formality as they gave a voice to each of their characters. Here’s Oli and Lucy’s work:


Oli G


Lucy L

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Amelie’s Lady of Shalott monologue

In English we have been writing a monologue from the point of view of the Lady of Shalott. We placed ourselves in her situation when she is distracted from her weaving by Sir Lancelot. Amelie’s piece successfully captures the tension between her heart and her head.


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Luke’s amazing art

We’ve learned this year in Rowan Class that Luke is a big fan of motorbikes. Check out his amazing art work.

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Camelot: City Guides

In English, we have been studying Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poem, The Lady of Shalott. As a bubble, the Kraken group decided to write their own city guides to Camelot. Here’s four examples.









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