Blackout Poems using Stormbreaker

In shared reading we have also been studying Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. We asked the children to create blackout poems from one page of the novel. The children had to decide what text to cross out (the blackout) and what to keep, which would retain the feel and tension of the novel while still acting as a device for poetry. This made the children think really hard about using language for effect.

Some of the poems were brilliant. Here’s Scarlett’s and Oscar’s poems.


Download (DOCX, 12KB)



Download (DOCX, 12KB)

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Stormbreaker – Style Spy Stories

In Rowan Class this term we have been studying the novel ‘Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz. Activities we have carried out include writing a scene with plenty of tension, designing their own gadget and , over the last couple of weeks, writing their own spy stories with the intention of using descriptive devices, varying punctuation and sentence lengths to create tension and having a balance of narrative and dialogue.

As more children type their stories, they will be uploaded to the blog, but to start blog viewers off, we have the offerings of Jamie and Scarlett….


Download (DOCX, 18KB)


Download (DOCX, 18KB)

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Baking for Kafuro

Congratulations to four pupils in Rowan Class at Liss Junior School: Jessica, Jake, Gemma and Scarlett who have been baking all week. The wonderful cakes they  made were sold on the school playground today and after school. The  £106.76  (512,000UGX) money raised will be used to buy cooking equipment for Kafuro Primary School. Mr Stanley reported how much children at Kafuro enjoyed cooking in the cob oven, but there was a shortage of cooking equipment, so the Liss pupils have taken it upon themselves to help with this problem.

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Thinksafe 2017

Yesterday, pupils from Maple and Rowan classes visited Queen Elizabeth Country Park for Thinksafe organised by East Hants District Council. The children experienced a range of practical activities on the following topics: Domestic abuse, animal welfare, stranger danger, fire safety, Royal National Lifeboat Institution and shop safe.

The children enjoyed the activities and were made to think carefully about what are the right choices to make in a dangerous situation.

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Welcome from the new Rowan Class

Welcome to the Rowan blog for the new academic year. Our subscription has now been updated and we’ve got loads of new storage space to bring you up to date with the latest news and work from this year’s Rowan Class. Look out for regular updates over the coming weeks and months.

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SATs Party 2017

Congratulations to all of the children in Year 6 who completed their SATs tests this week. They have all shown a splendid attitude and tried their best. This afternoon was their SATs party where they were able to relax and play games on the field. There was plenty of food and a special ice-cream was provided. Many thanks to the PTA for buying the ice-creams.

Here’s a photo of the happy Rowan Class.

A very happy Rowan class

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