Which is the real writing from Stormbreaker?

In English we have been studying Stormbreaker, the brilliant Alex Rider spy novel by Anthony Horowitz. We asked the Rowan Class pupils to rewrite the car crusher scene from Stormbreaker after watching a clip from the film and without allowing them to read the relevant pages in the novel.

We discussed all the features of Anthony Horowitz’s writing (from different parts of the book) and set the pupils the task of producing writing so convincing that the general public wouldn’t know which was the real scene from Stormbreaker when put alongside some pupil entries. There are seven samples of writing, but only one is the real scene from Stormbreaker written by Anthony Horowitz. Vote for the writing you think is produced by one of our favourite authors. Will it be the correct choice or will one of our pupils have produced a piece of writing so good that it could be mistaken for Anthony Horowitz himself? Read on below and then please vote. All comments are welcome.








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2 Responses to Which is the real writing from Stormbreaker?

  1. Mrs ffrench-Lynch says:

    Tough decision, well done everyone. I’m going to go with B or E.

  2. Mrs Myers says:

    A very difficult decision; some fantastic writing. After some deliberation, I am going with B

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