Making Bubble Wands

The Kraken Bubble from Rowan Class took part in some special science this afternoon making bubble wands and then testing them with different types of bubble solution.

Firstly, Mr Stanley cut some spare willow and each pupil was given two similar sized sticks. They screwed an eyelet into the end of each stick and then attached a short piece of string between the eyelets. Next, a longer piece of string was attached to the shorter pieces of string at both ends with a washer threaded through it to give it a little weight.

Our next task was to make the bubble solution. The recipe we were given was to have a ratio of 4:1 water to fairy liquid and then to add 4 teaspoons of glycerin. Glycerin helps to give the bubbles some strength. We made a second solution, this time with a ratio of 3:2 water to fairy liquid and then doubled the amount of glycerin.

At this point the children tested their wands and found that they worked well. They discovered that the second solution worked best as it created ‘heavy’ bubbles that took a while to burst while the bubbles in the first solution didn’t last long. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed this fun learning.

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