Plant Update

Isaac has sent in a photo of his sunflower and pumpkin plants growing nicely. The photo of them is below. Isaac is soon going to move them to his plot at the allotment that his family uses. He also has a tomato plant that has taken a long time to germinate but now needs to be repotted.

Isaac’s plants are doing well

As for the seeds that Mr Stanley planted, there is good and bad news. All the courgettes are dead bar one – he think he planted them just far too early. The tomato seeds Mr Stanley planted at home are looking great and are really growing fast. The seeds he planted at school aren’t so advanced and look a bit weedy, but they will get there. The peppers, however, are germinating nicely and Mr Stanley is hoping to get a really good crop from them.

The pepper seeds are germinating nicely


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  1. Mrs ffrench-Lynch says:

    Well done Isaac and peppers looking strong Mr Stanley. We are having a go with a few plants in our garden this year too. Started off with a grow bag ended up with half the garden and enjoying seeing the seedlings growing

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