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To write a diary entry in character

Dear Diary,

Today was a nerve-wracking day. I woke up at 5:24 on a Saturday. After I ate my scrumptious breakfast, I put on baggy green trousers, a light blue shirt with my charcoal black boots. I did a motherly makeup look with light lip gloss. Sneakily walking through the streets unnoticed, I arrived shortly afterwards at the safe house. I peeked inside and saw two scared British airmen.

The airmen were the type of scared you notice just by looking at them. I slowly walked in and whispered to follow me and to do everything I did. If they followed the plan they would be able to escape and into neutral Spain. They both nodded.

Swallowed in plain black, we slowly left the safe house unseen and walked out glued to the town wall. We reached the edge of the town into the woods. Of course, tonight the Germans would be in the woods and I didn’t want to attract them.   So I shone my torch to the ground. We walked as slowly as we could, one crack of a single stick could blow our cover. We walked for five hours though damp trees. We were making good progress.

Until we heard … the menacing bark of an Alsatian. All of us froze…we were petrified. In my mind the Germans would find us. The canine looked into our direction. I signed to walk as slowly as possible. Then suddenly a beaver ran in front of us. The Germans thought it was a false alarm. We had enough time to escape.

We arrived in Spain and the two British airmen were safe from the Germans. My mission was successful.


To write a diary entry in character

Dear diary,

Today has been a very annoying day. We almost got captured, TWICE! Normally I would get up at around 6:00pm but today was very different…

My day started unusually late as I didn’t need to wake up early because my mission wasn’t until 6:00 pm. I woke up at 5:30pm so that I had enough time to put on my dark, blue trousers, my green top and my black shoes which would make me camouflaged.

Five minutes later I was creeping round the towns (even though I would stick out there, my clothes would come in handy later on). When I finally reached the men, I told them to copy my every move.

Under the cover of darkness, we headed for the woods. We walked slower than a slug. If one of us stepped on a twig we were going to die. After several hours of walking, we reached a small river. The two men ran towards the river but I felt like someone was watching us…

After no-one was shot I went and stood by the men when SMACK… one of the men slipped and started slowly drifting off downstream. We ran after him and after a little while of running, I was happy to hear someone speak. The only bad news was that it wasn’t the man…

We had run into German troops, I quickly jumped into the bushes and the men followed. I heard shots and yet I wasn’t dead. It was very intense until the shots stopped and after 30 minutes of complete silence I decided to go out…I slowly emerged from the bush that we had been hiding in. We found 3 German soldiers on the floor. I checked if they were actual German soldiers (which they were).

The two men were in complete shock but we had to keep on going. I didn’t even expect them to carry on walking, so that was good. After a while of walking I heard a rustling noise up ahead. I ordered the two men to hide, I then crept forward with my pistol, but then a baby rabbit hopped out of the bushes.  Freedom was at hand.

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