Calshot 2019 – Day 3

Sorry for the relative lateness of this post – yesterday was very busy and there are a lot of very tired children and staff!

Yesterday at Calshot started with another room inspection. Again, the results were very good. A full English breakfast followed for those who wanted it before teh morning activities began. This involved shooting, skiing, climbing, orienteering and initiative tests. Once again the children impressed and Mr Frost said that Group 4 carried out the best initiative test that he had ever seen at Calshot.

Lunch was chicken wraps or pasties before another afternoon of kayaking or sailing. The weather was extremely changeable during the session, but the Caklsot staff adapeted the teaching brilliantly and all the children had a great experience.

Dinner was a chicken or vegetable curry and then the children went on to rushing rockets or team games where they learnt a new version of dodgeball.

It was a very quiet Mitchell House last night as everyone got some much needed sleep.

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