Learning all about Nancy Wake

Welcome back to the Rowan Class blog for another year. This week the new Rowan Class have been learning all about Nancy Wake aka ‘The White Mouse’. Nancy was born in New Zealand, grew up in Australia, but settled in France. When World War Two broke out, she initially smuggled allied troops, airmen and refugees out of France to neutral Spain. She trained at a Special Operations Executive (SOE) saboteur before parachuting back into France and joining up with the resistance. Her courage and bravery led to her becoming one of the most highly decorated people of the conflict.

The children wrote diary entries imagining that they were Nancy Wake and also made communication masts using a limited range of materials. They also created their own World War Two propaganda posters and cooked on rations creating a WW2 carrot cake and cheese swirls.

Philosophical questions were also posed throughout the week. As a class we discussed the question, “Should you always tell the truth?” and the children’s answers were well thought through and nuanced.

A selection of the photos is displayed below as is some of the children’s work.


Download (DOCX, 13KB)


Download (DOCX, 13KB)

Jamie & Sammy

Download (PDF, 348KB)

Harry & Toby

Download (PDF, 238KB)

Emma & Oliver

Download (PDF, 757KB)

Gracie & Lucy

Download (PDF, 271KB)


Download (PDF, 421KB)


Download (PDF, 251KB)


Download (PDF, 335KB)


Download (PDF, 713KB)



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