Calshot 2018 – Day 1

Hello everyone from a sunny but blustery Calshot. After leaving school at about 9.25am, we had an uneventful journey reaching Calshot at 10.40am. The children dropped off their bags in their rooms before meeting their group leaders and having a tour of the site. There was then a quick fire drill before we went to lunch. Most people went for the beefburger and potato croquettes option.

Our afternoon activities began at 1.45 pm. Groups 1 & 2 went kayaking and had a lot of fun although some of the children seemed to enjoy collecting seaweed almost as much as the kayaking itself. Groups 3 & 4 had a great time sailing – an honourable mention to Bradley Downing who leapt out of his boat to help another pupil who had capsized. Group 5 spent some time on the dry ski slope with their first ski session before moving on to cycling skills. A number of the pupils loved the velodrome and wanted to go as fast as they could. Group 6 also had a ski session before developing their teamwork skills on the initiative test. Finally, Group 7 enjoyed the challenge of trying to reach the top of the climbing wall after cycling earlier in the afternoon.

Dinner was a choice of cottage pie or macaroni cheese before the children headed down to the Schneider Hanger for Rushing Rockets (Groups 1 – 4) or Games (Groups 5 – 7). Everybody seems to have settled in well and are having lots of fun. More news tomorrow night!

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  1. Manda says:

    Anyone have a list so we know which group (1-7 ) our child is in ?

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