Rowan trip to Ure Museum

Yesterday, Rowan Class visited the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology at the University of Reading. The trip to the university was smooth enough, but trying to find the museum on the campus was a bit of a nightmare.

After an introductory speech, the children carried out three activities:

  1. Handling Greek artefacts. The children had to look at four Greek artefacts and work out what their use was. Wearing special gloves so as not to damage the artefacts, the children commented on the size and purpose of the artefacts, design patterns  and what message  any drawings might give us. This was then reported back to the group.
  2. To sketch their favourite Greek pot from the museum and  comment upon its use, the type of pot it was and the technique used to make it.
  3. To work in a group to storyboard one of the images from an Ancient Greek vase after watching an animation. The children were shown an example of Perseus and Medusa, then had to create their own story based on the images.

After a quick lunch, we drove back to school in the rain having had a great trip. Over the coming days, the children will be writing their trip reports. They behaved very well and were a credit to the school. Here are some images from the day.

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