Father of the bride’s speech – La Maison en Petits Cubes

In English, we have been studying the Oscar winning animated short, La Maison en Petits Cubes. We sequenced the film and then looked carefully at the wedding of the man’s daughter. We decided to write the father of the bride’s speech. The children had a choice of whether they wanted to make a more traditional speech or one which implied disapproval at the man’s son – in – law. Here’s Lois’ writing.

Dear friends and family,

Firstly, I must welcome you all to my wonderful daughter, Florence, and her groom, Ben’s, wedding. When she was little, my wife and I saw her lovely face poking out of her little cot. She was so beautiful, just like her mother, and it was always lovely to see her face light up when she had an idea. I never knew she was going to grow up and go out with lots of boys, including Ben, who was very surprising!

When Florence got older, we noticed how clever she was as every time we looked at her, she was reading. She was always determined to try new things at school, and when Florence went to University, we got informed by one of her friends at how popular she was with the boys! We were even more surprised when she brought home Ben, and said he was a dustman! He must have had a lot of good things about him that we did not know!

I have not known Ben for a long time because he proposed to Florence within six months, so Florence must have liked him! All I know about him, is he is the person my daughter loves, so I let him marry her.

I hope Ben will look after Florence, so she can carry on the lovely life we gave her. I hope that he will protect her with all of his life, and make her happy. Florence is delighted about this marriage, and can’t wait to travel the world with Ben, as she has always wanted to do.

I shall look forward to seeing them in the future, and I wish Ben and Florence the best of luck. I hope Ben will look after Florence and treat her with love and respect. I hope you live happily together.

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