Streatley: Day 4

Today we went to Wantage Vale and Downland Mmuseum where we learnt about the Earth’s surface, what a Victorian kitchen was like and how to weave wool.

In the Victoria kitchen we discovered that they had some very different things in their kitchen that we don’t have. Like: a dolly tub and dolly for washing, a fire oven, a sugar cutter and a knife sharpener.

Then we went into the information centre and learnt about all the layers of chalk and clay that make up the earth’s surface in Wantage Vale. The water that goes through the clay is incredibly clear and pure. You can drink the water.  We also looked at some fossils with a man called Mr. Davy.

After that learnt about weaving and how the wool is prepared.  We made bracelets by making a figure of eight out of wool on a peg loom.

We had our lunch on White Horse Hill.  Then we walked to Wayland Smithy.  This was a burial mound.  We drew the entrance and then counted the stones.  We tried to work out how many people were buried there.

After that we walked, in the rain, to look at the White Horse and Uffington Castle.  We finished the day by flying kites on top of White Horse Hill.

We had a really fun day and are looking forward to going to Bucklebury Farm tomorrow.

Group D – George K., Isabella, Luka, Jade, Violet and Rachael.

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