Streatley Day 3

Streatley day 3

Today we got up at 6.30 because the fire alarm went off, everybody bombarded out of their rooms and rushed really fast down the stairs. We thought the door was locked because we were pushing it instead of pulling it. We all then realised that we had to pull it. The reason the fire alarm went off is because Mr Burford was putting on spray on deodorant!

We had breakfast at 7:30 and left at 8:30.

It took one hour to get to park and ride so we could get a bus from there to the Natural History Museum and PittRivers Museum. First we looked around PittRivers and saw some horrible shrunken human and monkey heads. Next this lady took us up to the next floor of the museum to do some activities. We played guess who I am, where you had to guess who the person was using artefacts.

When we got to the Natural History Museum we held cockroaches, millipedes and a tarantula called Dolores. After that we walked around the museum trying to find a picture we wanted to draw. After we had drawn our pictures we got the teachers to try and find our pictures.

After that we had to draw a Dodo on a piece of sugar paper. Next we went upstairs and saw some honey bees then we went around the rest of the upstairs and saw a lifespan of an ant and a wasp.

Once we finished at the museum we got on the public bus and changed buses at the carpark and when we got back to the hostel we had delicious fish and chips.

By Robbie, Josh, Eddie, Alex, Ellen, Olivia, Jessica and Lottie.



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