Streatley: Day 2


Today we went to Blenheim Palace, The Butterfly House and The Rollright Stones. We had a really good day and we had lots of fun. Here is a recount:

First we had a guided tour around the palace. But while we were waiting for the entrance to clear, we went to see the Water Gardens. The Water Gardens were built in the baroque style; everything is symmetrical. Then we went into the house and saw lots of interesting furniture and antiques, including the big palace key which was very large. After we visited the palace we went down to the chapel. There we looked at the big organ on the wall.

Next we drove down to the butterfly house were we looked at all the different butterflies, if you were lucky one would land on you! Lots of people found this scary and some people even ran away! We then went a small exhibition on how things were kept in Blenheim Palace in the olden days. Like the crops and animals. We found out a lot about the gardening equipment used and the equipment used to look after the animals.

At the end of the day we went to an adventure playground. They had a nice maze there and it was really fun to go in to the maze. It was quite a confusing maze but it was fun at the same time. And it was a big maze too and we eventually managed to get out. Then we went to an adventure playground soon after it started raining when we were playing on it so we had to go to the bus.

We then went to the Rollright Stones. There were a lot of legends about the stones and it said that if you count all the stones 3 times, it would change every time. If you counted it 3 times and it was the same then you would get your heart’s desire, according to the legend. Also the stones had animal faces in them. One of them had a puma and the other had a rabbit. Overall, the day was very interesting.

By Lucas, Marlow, Reuben, Freya and Hannah.


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