Streatley: Day 1

This morning we set off to the youth hostel and put our bags in the lounge, and set off to go to Didcot railway. When we got there we met our guides and then they showed us about the types of trains. He then told us the sorts of jobs they would have in the olden times. Then he showed us the types of food they ate and how much it would cost.

Then we went back to the main area and ate our lunch. Then we went to our group teachers and went off with our guide and looked at a part of the train which holds all the oil which helps the train. We then talked about the trains which hold the coal and the water.

We then went off to do sketching of trains or the small trains which sell fruit. Most people drew a lamp post, a navigation sign and a train in a shelter. as they were easier, but they still all had to put lots of effort and detail in them.

We walked back to the train station and back to the mini bus and back to the youth hostel. After we arrived at the youth hostel we got our luggage and sorted out our dormitory’s. also we went out to do some work in the classroom. Eventually, after we had finished half an hour of hard work and `started tucking in to our lovely dinner and pudding.

By Scarlett, Maisy, Ned, James, Harry, George, Oliver

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