Calshot: Day 3

It has been  a mixed day weather-wise at Calshot, but fortunately this has had no impact on the activities. Last night, the majority of children slept through a spectacular thunderstorm and everyone was up and ready for action following another huge Calshot breakfast.

Among the activities taking place today was kayaking, initiative tests, trawling, climbing, shooting, archery and skiing. Some of the highlights included included several children revealing themselves as real sharp shooters on the rifle range, Itai performing some amazing moves on the climbing wall and the trawling group finding a seahorse. This was such a rare discovery that lots of the Calshot staff came to look at what the children had found.

Lunch was very tasty dinner wraps and dinner was meat or veggie bolognese. With less than 24 hours until we leave Calshot, the process of packing has already begun. As I write this the children are either at a games evening or preparing for the egg drop.

Quote of the day from Katie Laker: “I saw Mr Stanley in his swimsuit and it was hilarious!”


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4 Responses to Calshot: Day 3

  1. Caroline Pritchard says:

    It sounds as though you’re all having a fab time – enjoy the rest of the week.

    I’m looking forward to next week’s Streatley Trip and can confirm that there will be no opportunities for children to see adults in swimsuits!!

    Caroline Pritchard

  2. Heather Green says:

    As always, a very entertaining blog. Thank you. I have noted the tidy rooms and sleeping hours, but not sure I can continue the range of food options available at home. Enjoy your last day!

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