Calshot: Day 2

The expected first night disruptions never materialised. The children were all so tired that everyone was asleep by 10.00pm and no-one was up and about before 7.00am.

This morning was a bit misty and drizzly, but still fairly warm. Everybody had a big breakfast. There was a choice of bacon, sausage (and a veggie option) scrambled eggs, beans, hash browns, plus toast, yoghurt, cereals and fruit. This was followed by room inspections where apparently there were a lot of tidy rooms (parents take note!). After that groups were taking part in sailing, kayaking, orienteering, skiing, initiative tests and archery. Lunch was a choice of sausage roll or a cheese and potato pasty with all sorts of potato and pasta options to go alongside them.

This afternoon saw lots more action with more skiing, cycling, kayaking and sailing taking place before everybody met just before six for dinner. On the menu tonight was roast beef plus a veggie option.

Tonight, half the children are taking part in an egg drop challenge while the other half are experiencing rushing rockets. We had enough time for a brief circle time where the children talked about the activities that they had enjoyed so far. The overriding sense that we got from all of them was that they were really enjoying things that they hadn’t done before particularly when they discovered that they were quite good at them.

Tonight should be a very quiet night, there’s lots of tired children already. Tomorrow should be another full-on, but exciting day


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