Working with the rangers

On Friday 15th April, Liss Junior School had a school grounds day and Freya, Jade, Katie and Imogen from Class AS were chosen to go to the pond area and work with the rangers from Queen Elizabeth Country Park. First, we went up onto the field. Here, we met Joe who told us about birdhouses and we helped him put it up. Then we went over to the pond and looked in the weeds for water creatures. Zen and Rebecca were clearing out the pond with rakes. We found lots of creatures for example: Ramshorn snail, water louse, pond snail and some sort of grub. We also met some newts. We picked them up and looked at them carefully. One of them played dead on Jade’s hand to make me put him down. Zen then told us lots about all the creatures we had found.

She told us about how plants and animals live in the pond and told us about how if they didn’t rake everything out the plants would take over and “choke the pond!”. She also said that if we made a new pond all the newts and everything would transfer to that one.

Afterwards, we went to show the rangers around the school field and they were very impressed with our bug hotel. Unfortunately, Mr Stanley remembered we were on the field and came to get us. Here are some facts we learnt:


  • A baby bee is a larvae
  • Plants can take over a whole pond
  • There is a spiky plant called a soldier plant
  • There is such thing as a water scorpion
  • You have to have wet hands to hold a newt without gloves


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