Maths master

Congratulations to Thomas who this week became the first pupil to ever complete Mr Stanley’s Level 2 Tables Challenge. Thomas managed to complete the 13x – 23x tables jumbled up in under 7 minutes 20 seconds (40 seconds per table) and won a big bar of chocolate as a prize. To highlight the scale of this achievement, Mr Stanley has been running this challenge for 18 years and, although other pupils have got close, Tom is the first to complete the sheet and get all the answers right. Mr Stanley now has to go away and devise something even harder!

2016-02-10 15.05.04


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3 Responses to Maths master

  1. Andrew Burford says:

    Well done Thomas.

  2. Karen Frost says:

    Well done Thomas! Perhaps it’s you that ought to be devising a new test for Mr Stanley!

  3. Jason Harrison says:

    Well done Thomas! The first in 18 years – how amazing!!

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