Classes AS and HG’s field trip to Selborne

Classes AS and HG braved the elements today and attended the Gilbert White Field Studies Centre in Selborne to undertake some practical activities relating to rivers. The first activity took place at the meadow river and the children had to complete three tasks. The first was to measure a cross section of the river. This was done using two poles, tape measure and a metre stick. The poles were placed at opposite sides of the river bank and the tape measure held taut and level between them. The metre stick was then placed on the river bed at 20cm intervals so that the children could draw an accurate cross section back at school.

The second task was to record the speed of the river. The children placed poles five metres apart and dropped a rubber duck in the river where the first pole was marked. The children timed how long it took the duck to travel between the two poles. This task was carried out five times so that the children could calculate an average.

Finally the children, used trays, nets and magnifying glasses to take water samples and look for life in the river. With identification keys, the children were able to identify freshwater shrimp and leeches.

After a well deserved lunch, the children walked up the Zig Zag to the Hanger overlooking the study centre. Here the children were set the task of recreating the course of a river using natural materials. Working in groups, the children used leaves, branches, twigs and mud to create the various river features and then presented to the rest of the class. These were very impressive as the photos below show.

Wet and muddy, but happy, the children returned to the warmth of the school having had a very enjoyable day. Many thanks to all of the parents who gave up their time to help the classes today, your support is much appreciated.


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