Upper School Rivers Day

Today was the first of two rivers days at Liss Junior School. Our geography topic uses rivers as a means for exploring the wider topic of Europe. Mr Stanley divided the class into two groups and gave each group 10 images of a place in Europe. The children had to complete a proforma for each image. They had to give it a title, write down everything they could see in the image and, finally, explain everything they had found out about this place from the image.

Next the children had to compile the information from their ten images into a piece of writing and present to the other group. Finally, the children were asked to sum up what they had learned from both sets of images and try to explain the significance of the river to the location.

From the images below can you guess what this place is? How is a river important to a settlement?

Download (PDF, 166KB)


Download (PDF, 136KB)


Download (PDF, 3.87MB)


Download (PDF, 579KB)


Download (PDF, 232KB)


Download (PDF, 166KB)


Download (PDF, 196KB)


Download (PDF, 95KB)


Download (PDF, 239KB)


Download (PDF, 1.89MB)


Download (PDF, 103KB)


Download (PDF, 67KB)


Download (PDF, 156KB)


Download (PDF, 91KB)


Download (PDF, 134KB)


Download (PDF, 98KB)


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