Christmas Fayre Fun

Today was the school Christmas Fayre and Class AS were running three stalls. As Mr Stanley is responsible for the bees along with Mr Haycock, the class were given the job of running the honey raffle.

The second stall was Guess the number of sweets in the jar. Mr Stanley had managed to jam 156 sweets into a jar. Many children and adults tried to guess the correct number but Dylan Edwards’ dad was the closest with a guess of 157. Congratulations to Mr Edwards.

The third stall was the AS Pizza Parlour. Mr Stanley put on his Christmas apron and made a seasonal turkey and cranberry pizza as well as the more traditional cheese and tomato pizza.  Feedback was very positive!

A big ‘Thank You’ to Mrs Moore, Miss Newson and Miss Trussler who stayed behind to help, to all our customers and to all the children who manned the stalls. All of your efforts are much appreciated.


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  1. Jason Harrison says:

    Josh loved being part of the stall team for the Fayre and was so proud of the ’10 hour day’ he did at school that day. Highlights for him were manning the sweet jar stall and eating the delicious pizzas fresh from the cob oven! Thanks to you and all the staff for putting on such a great occasion for the children.

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