Anglo – Saxon Newspaper Reports

In Literacy we have been looking at newspaper reports over the last couple of weeks. We have practiced our skills at writing newspaper reports and, as an end of unit write, decided to write a newspaper report about King Alfred burning the cakes. Here are some of the articles submitted for the Anglo – Saxon Chronicle. (Please note that some documents are slightly altered by Google Doc embedder, but are fine when downloaded)

James E

Download (DOCX, 1.34MB)


Download (DOCX, 85KB)


Download (DOCX, 88KB)


Download (DOCX, 185KB)


Download (DOCX, 807KB)


Download (DOCX, 242KB)


Download (DOCX, 88KB)







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  1. Jason Harrison says:

    I really enjoyed how this project encouraged the children to express both their creativity and their literacy skills in such a variety of ways.

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