AS & KR’s trip to Winchester

Classes AS and KR visited Winchester on Monday as part of their topic on the Anglo  Saxons. We boarded the coach just after 9.00am and enjoyed the trip to Winchester. As we drove into the city centre many of the children pointed out the statue of King Alfred. We started at the Education Centre where the children were given an outline of the day before being split into three groups. The activities were as follows:

In the Education Centre the children had to imagine that they were a Saxon trying to impress King Alfred. They had to illuminate a capital letter with a bright gold ink similar to the gold leaf that was used in Saxon times. This was followed by drawing an outline of a brooch pattern before this was put onto foil representing silver. Finally, the children wrote their names in runes. There are certain letter in our alphabet that don’t exist in runes so the children had to adapt.

When the children visited the cathedral they were taken on a tour by one of the Education Centre staff. Although the original Saxon church no longer exists, the children were shown areas where Saxon builders worked on the Norman cathedral and told many of the stories of Saxon and Viking kings, queens and saints.

The third port of call was the museum. Here the children got to handle a 1000 year old Saxon pot and try to work out what it was used for. The other activity the children got to experience was exploring the Saxon section of the museum. This involved making notes, sketches, working out how Saxon traders counted money and dressing up as various Saxon people.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip and learned a great deal. Both classes would like to thank the parents and helpers who assisted them during the day.

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2 Responses to AS & KR’s trip to Winchester

  1. Jason Harrison says:

    Thanks for such a richly descriptive entry – it’s so good to see and hear what the children did on the trip. I really like the way the school is integrating traditional classroom learning techniques with these high quality and highly engaging experiences. What a feast for their senses!

  2. astanleyadmin says:

    Thanks for the very positive comment, Jason. As I’m sure you’ll see when you read the trip reports the children got a great deal out of the trip.

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