Cooking pizzas in the cob oven

Today was the day that Class AS got to use the cob oven for the first time. Mr Stanley and Mrs Moore made a pizza dough and tomato sauce beforehand while the children brought in the pizza toppings of their choice.

The children had to roll out their dough and then spoon on tomato sauce before adding mozzarella cheese and their pizza toppings. Mr Stanley used the pizza peel to put the pizzas in to the cob oven. It took about five minutes for them to cook. Afterwards the whole class went up on to the field to enjoy the delicious food together.

For the benefit of the children in Kafuro, the cob oven works fairly similarly in principle to a clean cook stove. The oven is made of clay, straw and water mixed together and built on a firebrick or concrete base. Wood is burned in the oven, but because it is contained within the oven, the heat lingers and you are able to cook for a longer period of time. Therefore the oven is fuel efficient. Mrs Green and Mr Stanley are going to try and cook pizzas with Kafuro children on a clean cook stove when they visit Kafuro in two weeks time.


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